Estimated Despatch Time

Each product is individually advertised with an Estimated Despatch Time. This gives an indication as to when you can expect the item to leave our warehouse. During this time your order may show as being “On Hold” or “In Progress”. After your order has been sent, you will receive an email confirmation with that information.

This information is provided within each product page and each product may be different. An example of where to find this information is shown below…


Estimated Despatch Time

In the event that you order two or more items with differing Estimated Despatch Times, please note that your order may be bundled into the one package. Therefore, the later of the Estimated Despatch Times applies for your order. If you wish to have the items sent separately to take advantage of an earlier Estimated Despatch Time for a certain product, please order them separately.

Estimated Delivery Times -Australia

When going through checkout at you may be provided with an estimated delivery time. This gives an indication on how long to expect the item will take to be delivered after it has left our warehouse, and is expressed in “business days” (see below). Any delays in this leg of the journey are out of our control as the order is with the delivery company, although we do find our estimates to be quite accurate.

Note that Estimated Delivery Times and Estimated Despatch Times are exclusive of each other – one does not affect the other. Typical delivery times after despatch are:

– Regular shipping, within Australia: 2-8 business days

– Express delivery, within Australia: 1-2 business days

“Business Days” Definition

Business days are defined as Monday to Friday, exclusive of local public holidays and other events listed below:


Once your order is confirmed a series of actions are immediately undertaken so as to get your order sent as quickly as possible, even if the ‘Estimated Despatch Time’ of your order is not immediate. For this reason, orders cannot be cancelled.

International Shipping

Our dedicated international shipping page gives further information regarding all deliveries made to any country outside of Australia: