Our vision at Mr Cycling World is to offer top quality products combined with great customer service at competitive prices. Unlike most of our competitors, Mr Cycling World is privately and totally (100%) Australian owned. We also love what we do, without question!

  • Mr Cycling World Pty Ltd
  • ABN: 88 721 600 109
  • ACN: 139 728 028

About the Name

Our name is a combination of the who, what and where…

  • Who: The “Mr” part of our name is an abbreviation of our co-founders names; M is for Megan and R is for Rhys
  • What do we sell? “Cycling”
  • Where do we sell it? Around the “World”


We have been involved in the cycling industry since the late 1990′s but only launched online (officially) in late 2008. Prior to the launch of Mr Cycling World, we had been separately trading online since 2004 and have built a strong reputation of being able to deliver quality products promptly.

Operating from our base in Melbourne, Australia we share a passion for cycling – to put it frankly we love cycling! We ride for fun. For fitness. To race. To commute and tour. We love to ride and we are happy to share our knowledge and experience with you. We listen to our customers needs and we endeavour to give the best service and advice possible.


We source our products from suppliers in Australia and all around the world, meaning we can offer a huge variety of products at the best price possible. Outstanding service is part of what makes Mr Cycling World unique. Great customer service takes energy, passion and commitment. And we proudly have it.

We believe that quality products enhance your cycling experience and we have spent an enormous amount of time sourcing products from around the world. Today we are proud to offer some of the best cycling items available, often at a fraction of the cost of most other Aussie retailers.

Behind the scenes we have a busy team of professionals working constantly working hard, to ensure a high quality experience for our customers, at the same time aiming for seamlessly efficient processes for our staff. We have worked hard to give customers what they want, when they want it.

While we do stock a range of hard to find brand name items, we also launched a direct business model for our branded range of cycling apparel and accessories. This has allowed us to cut out the “middlemen” you might see in other typical retailers, and pass the savings direct to our customers.


In late 2011 we started to phase out the “MRCW” logo we had been using up until that time. We felt that four letters was far too impersonal and corporate, and that was not a true representation of who we are. Then, in early 2012 the new logo – as you see it today – was introduced in time with the relaunch of this very website.

Real People (Not Robots)

We are real, fair and honest people behind this business, no robots here. If you have any questions or comments please get in touch with us.