Aside from the saddle, the handlebars is another contact point between the bike and your skin. This is why you must ensure that your handlebar stay in tip-top shape all the time. Need a new handlebar for your mountain bike or BMX? You can shop handlebar replacements here at Mr Cycling World.

We also sell handlebar tapes that can help you boost the physical appeal of your bike and provide a better hand grip. We also offer handlebar screw-in locking end plugs which can be paired with various types of handlebars including drop style bars, bullhorn bars and strain bars. Enhance your handlebar today with our affordable items from Positz.

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Handlebars, Tapes and Lock-in Plugs

The bicycle handlebar is not just limited to steering. It also provides support to your body, especially when you use your bicycle for multi-day racing events or long-distance tours. In short races, your body weight is concentrated on the pedals or crankset. On one hand, when you join bike tours or long cycling events, you will rely a lot on the handlebar and saddle for support. As such, it’s important to invest in the right handlebar and handlebar accessories. 

Back in the earlier days, bars feature subtle curves and enough room for your hands. Modern bars, on the other hand come with a square design with a shorter reach. You can either choose from aluminium or carbon-fibre, depending on your budget and preference. You can also select from bike bars with different shapes, styles and sizes. 

Handlebars shopping guide

With the varying sizes, shapes and types of bike handlebars available today, how do you know which one is the right choice for you? Here are some of the main types of handlebars and their key features:

- MTB handlebar - Mountain bikes usually utilise either riser bars and flat bars. Cross country racers usually prefer using flat bars thanks to its lightweight and rigid structure. Riser bars, on one hand, is the more popular choice amongst many mountain bikers because of its upward sweep and comfortable design.

- Road bike handlebar - There are many variations of the road bar. Some models feature carbon-fibre bar and stem, while others have ergonomic shape and design. 

- Upright bars - If you prefer riding in an upward position then the upright bar is the perfect choice for you. 

When you shop for a handlebar, it's essential to select one that matches your shoulder width. You should also buy one made from premium-grade carbon fibre or aluminium. Here at Mr Cycling World, you can shop either an MTB riser bar or a BMX trail bar.

Quality handlebar tapes and lock-in plugs 

Besides having the perfect handlebar for your ride, you also need to invest in good-quality handlebar tapes and lock-in plugs. Traditional tapes are usually made of perforated leather or cork. Modern ones are made from gel or foam core.

Currently, we only offer traditional bike bar tapes which can surely provide you with utmost comfort whilst riding your bike. We also stock lock-plugs and handlebar tape grips to help you ensure that your handlebar provides the best support when you tour or explore rough patches of land.

Order handlebar, handlebar tapes or lock-in plugs today

Mr Cycling World offers affordable and durable handlebar, handlebar tapes and lock-in plugs from Orion and Positz. Each item was manufactured with high quality in mind so you can use them for a long time. Besides bars and bar accessories, we also sell an extensive selection of cycling supplies, apparel, tools and bike parts. We offer all our items at an inexpensive price. If you have questions about the products or if you need help choosing an item, don’t hesitate to reach out to our team. We will be more than happy to lend you a hand.