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Rim tape is often the solution to a recurring tyre problem? Fortunately, you can readily replace them with our help. Protect your tubes from getting punctured with durable rim tape. We offer Zefal rim tapes in varying widths to accommodate different sizes of rims.

Each pack of 13mm, 17mm and 22mm cotton adhesive rim tapes contains 2 rolls. We also stock Foss explosion-proof inner tubes for 700x 28-35C and 26 inches tubes. When pierced, the explosion-proof inner rube creates an air-tight seal to protect the tyre from getting punctured. Manage flat tyre problems better with our top-quality bike supplies at Mr Cycling World. Check out our inexpensive product offers.


High-Quality Rim Tapes for Your Bicycle

Rim tapes come extra handy in protecting the inner tubes from punctures. Hence, these are useful in preventing recurring flats. They are made from various materials including adhesive cloth, plastic and rubber. You can also choose from various diameter and widths. This way, you can find one that fits your wheel. 

At Mr Cycling World, we offer 13mm, 17mm and 22mm rim tapes. Furthermore, our selection of Zefal universal tapes is made from adhesive cotton. 

When to replace rim tapes?

Like the rest of your bike parts, rim tapes also need replacing. This way, you can protect your inner tubes from getting damaged. Check for obvious signs of wear and tear. If you think the tapes need replacing, trust your gut. It won’t cost you a lot of money to buy a rim tape replacement. We offer high-quality tapes that you can readily use regardless of the size of your tyres.

Foss Explosion-Proof Inner Tubes + Rim Tapes

Aside from universal tapes, we also offer Foss Explosion-Proof Inner Tubes with rim tapes. As you may already know, Foss inner tubes make use of a very specific type of rim tape. Hence, we offer these two items in a single package. 

You can order yours for an affordable price only here at Mr Cycling World. We offer Foss inner tube + rim tape combo for 26 inches and 700 x 28-35c tyres.

How to fit rims the right way

Before fitting the tape, you must clean the rim. Also, you should inspect the eyelet reinforcement. These should also be fitted properly to prevent the nipples or spokes from puncturing the tubes. Also, when fitting the tape, make sure to get enough tension on the tape. This will help the tape stick on the surface better. After sticking the tape, you can make small punctures on it using a screwdriver. 

Assured quality for your ride

We offer premium quality products at super reasonable rates. Since day one, our brand has been dedicated to delivering affordable, impressive and reliable items such as bike rim tapes. 

Whether you’re looking for spare parts, bike accessories, apparel or other cycling supplies, we can surely help you. We source our items from a long list of trusted brands from in and out of Australia. Some of the brands we feature her at Mr Cycling World includes Positz, Zefal, and Foss. Browse our extensive selection of products today!

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