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Water bottles are an indispensable cycling accessory because it's extremely important to stay hydrated when you go on a cycling trip. Getting enough hydration will help you sustain your energy and prevent physical and mental fatigue. Keeping yourself hydrated can also help you decrease sweat rate and heat dissipation and increase muscle glycogen conversion and core temperature. As such, you always need to bring a water bottle whenever you go on a ride. Bring sports drink or plain water in one of our top-quality BPA-free sports bottles. Enjoy choosing from a variety of product styles and designs. We offer cycling bottles from different well-known brands including Elite, Tacx and Zefal. Find the best cycling water bottles here at Mr Cycling World! Oh, and if you're looking for tool storage containers that also fit in your water bottle cage, we have a dedicated page for tool storage bottles too!. Shop today

Water Bottles for the Active You

Keeping yourself hydrated should be among your top priorities, especially when you join multi-day events. Without enough water in your system, your brain and muscles might not be able to perform smoothly. It may also be harder for your body to recover from fatigue, especially as the event drags on. Good thing, there are several ways you can get enough hydration even when you’re on the road. 

Bring a water bottle with you all the time

Needless to say, water bottles are important to every cyclist. Sports bottles are available in various sizes. At Mr Cycling World, we offer a range of bidon sizes 500, 550, 600, 750, 950 and even up to 1000ml (that's an entire litre!). We sell our cycling water bottles in pairs because most bikes have room for two bottle cages. Feel free to fill the bottles with water or energy drinks. 

Quench the thirst

Thirst is the body's natural indicator that you need to drink water. It is a sensation triggered when the blood concentration increased by at least two percent. If the level increases up to five percent then you may suffer from dehydration. Hence, if you start feeling thirsty, go and quench it with water or energy drink.

Also, if you feel a bit dizzy whilst cycling or if you feel a bit of throbbing in your head then you should stop for a bit. Look for a shaded area. You may also stay in an airconditioned place. 

Follow a reasonable schedule 

During training, you should have a reasonable hydration plan. If you're an average-sized person, you should not exceed drinking more than 800 mL fluids especially if you're cycling in a temperate place. However, you can increase your consumption especially if the temperature is too hot or if you’re undergoing intense training.

Replenish after each cycling session or event 

Aside from drinking while you're on the road, it's also highly recommended to drink water and eat protein and carbs to increase your body's ability to recover quickly. Don’t be afraid to experiment to determine which hydration plan works best for you.

Order a stylish and durable water bottle today!

What are you waiting for? Order a chic and durable water bottle at Mr Cycling World today! We have a large selection of colourful and stylish sports bottle that you can easily bring with you when go cycling or competing in a race. 

We also offer storage bottles where you can keep spare tubes, tyre levers, CO2 inflators and other small tools and equipment. Check out our selection of products today!