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Having a good quality saddle can help you reduce fatigue and improve power delivery. Not happy with your current saddle? Replace it with new bicycle saddles or add a comfy seat cover. We sell comfortable bike seats and covers from the Australian brand, Positz. Order the best bicycle seat that meets your expectations and needs at Mr Cycling World.

Gel Bike Seat Covers Australia – Using a gel bike seat cover takes the pain out of riding your bike again. Simply slip one of this covers over your existing bicycle saddle. This will help provide a gel cushion against your bottom to help soothe and protect. It’s like sitting on a pillow!

To choose the right gel bike seat cover for you, try this:

  1. Measure your existing bicycle saddle at home
  2. You will need the maximum width and the maximum length of your saddle
  3. Compare it to the sizes offered in the descriptions of the covers off below
  4. Select your correct size and away you go!

Our saddle covers are designed with a drawstring fastening underneath for a superior fit; it also means the cover is less likely to move on each pedal stroke. For ultimate comfort and performance, choose a Gel Tech saddle cover with foam lined cushion with memory gel padding. Need extra gel? Simply choose the extra gel options.

Feel free to browse our product offers to check their design and features.


Why You Need to Invest in a Good Bike Saddle

The saddle is among the key touchpoints of your ride. The key contact points of your body such as your feet and hands can get protection from gloves and shoes. Meanwhile, the saddle and bike seat cover protects the sensitive parts in between your legs. 

To ensure a comfortable ride, you must also ensure that you invest in quality seats, handlebars and pedals. Here at Mr Cycling World, we offer premium quality bike parts such as saddles. We stock bicycle seats from well-known brands such as Velo and Positz. 

Each item has been carefully designed to ensure that they last long. This way, they can serve as an exceptional replacement for your old seats.

When to replace your bike seat

Getting the perfect bike saddle can be quite a challenging task. Some also find it a bit difficult to determine when they should replace their saddle. There are key signs you need to look out for in order to determine when you should install a new bike seat or seat cover.

Take note that it’s crucial to replace a damaged bike seat if you want to avoid injuries and ensure a smooth and hassle-free ride. Below are the top things you must consider when you check your seat.

Damaged from the crash

If your bike seat sustains damage after a collision, you must inspect the seat. Check the severity of the damage. If you're not sure what to do, you must call in an expert to assist you. Never underestimate bent metal rails because these might change the level and shape of the bike seat, causing you discomfort when you go cycling. 

Worn out covers

Over time, your bike seat covers wear out due to frequent contact. The material gets torn and the cushioning layer becomes useless. If you notice obvious signs of damage, don’t hesitate about installing a new seat cover. If the seat change has changed in shape, we highly recommend replacing it as soon as possible.

Mr Cycling World - Your #1 Source for Premium Bicycle Supplies

Our company offers top-quality cycling supplies in Australia. We offer a variety of products including bicycle seat covers and saddles. Besides bicycle saddles, we also sell all kinds of cycling parts and accessories including bike lights, handlebars, rim tapes, tubes, tyres and cycling apparel. All our products are sourced from trusted names in the industry such as Positz, Zefal and Velo. 

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