If you want to save money you must learn DIY bike repair and maintenance. With regular use of your bike, you can figure out how the mechanisms work and how to troubleshoot common issues. Once you learn the ropes and acquire the right tools and equipment, fixing and tuning up your ride will no longer be an impossible feat for you.

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Top Quality Bicycle Tools for Repair and Maintenance

Cleaning, maintaining and repairing your bicycle are easy tasks provided you that you have proper tools. With the right equipment, you can replace damaged bike parts, tune-up old parts or install new accessories on your own. There’s a long list of tools and equipment that you shop in the market today. Check out the key tools you need to invest in as you read on.

Essential bicycle tools and equipment

When you purchase bike tools, you can either avail a complete toolset or buy individual tools. Choosing a complete set may be an ideal choice especially if don’t mind spending a bit more. The only disadvantage if you pick this option is the hefty cost of a bike toolset. 

If you want to start small, if you’re new to cycling or if you don’t enough budget, you can start with the essentials such as wrenches, tyre levers and puncture repair kits. This will help you spread out the expenses each month or quarter, depending on when you plan to avail the rest of the tools.

To know which tools you should shop, let’s take a look at the equipment needed for each bike component.

Tools needed for each major bike part

Routine cleaning and maintenance can include tasks like replacing flat tyres, inflating tubes, removing damaged accessories, and lubing the chains. To perform such tasks, you’ll need to prepare a few tools and supplies. Check out how you can maintain or clean the three basic bike components below:


Tuning up bike brakes may require you to bleed hydraulic brakes, replace pads, or adjust rim brakes. Some of the tools you need to perform such tasks include Allen key wrenches, needle-nose pliers, and open-end wrenches. You will also need to have denatured alcohol, cleaners, rags and latex gloves.


Drivetrains are comprised of various parts namely brake cables, chains, chainrings, pedals, and derailleurs. Maintaining your bike's drivetrain is crucial if you want to ensure that a smooth ride. Some of the tools you will need to tune up your ride’s drivetrain include screwdrivers, chain pliers, pedal wrenches, Allen key wrenches, and cassette lockring removers. 


Even with functional brakes and drivetrains, your bike won’t run if your wheels aren’t in good condition. Always check the quality of tyres, tubes, spokes, nipples and rim. If you notice any signs of defect, replace the defective item before going out for a ride. To repair or tune-up your bike wheels, you need to have tools like repair stands, cone wrenches, tyre wrenches, spoke wrenches and spoke tension gauge. 

There are other tools that you may want to have in your workshop such as air compressors especially if you use tubeless tyres. You should also have shock pumps, especially if you use mountain bikes or city bikes. Other examples of tools that you may need to purchase includes metal files and cable ends.

Get more value for your money

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