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Mr Cycling World offers top-quality pedals and cleats. Pedals can either be classified as platform or clipless. Platform pedals work well for beginners and mountain bikers thanks to their wide shape. Some cyclists, especially professionals and competitive riders, prefer using clipless or clip-in pedals because of the increased pedal efficiency that it provides.

Whether you need to buy new flat pedals or cleats to pair with your clip-in pedals, you can find the best products here at Mr Cycling World. We also offer Positz bike pedals with toe clips and straps and half toe bike pedal clips. Find premium quality bicycle pedal and cleats, toe straps and toe clips today.


Pedal and Cleats Replacements for Your Ride

When shopping for bicycle pedals, it’s crucial to determine your riding style. Do you prefer biking along city roads? Do you want to use your ride for mountain biking? 

It’s also important to determine what functionalities you’re looking for. For example, do need pedalling efficiency and power? Do you prioritize manoeuvrability when pushing the pedals? Be sure to have a clear grasp of what you expect from the pedals so you can select the best product for you.

Types of bike pedals

Pedals are classified into two main types namely flat pedals and clipless pedals. Clip-in or clipless pedals, on one hand, can come in two forms namely three-bolt and two-bolt cleats. Essentially, cleats are either made from metal or plastic. These are designed to attach to the soles of shoes. 

Flat pedals, on the other hand, uses a simpler mechanism. This type of pedal is used for downhill racing, BMX, freeride and dirt jumping. As the name suggests, it doesn’t involve clipping your shoes. Instead, you just need to put your feet on the pedals. If you prefer having a stronger grip on flat pedals, you can install toe clips and straps. 

When do you replace pedals or cleats?

Over time, you may need to replace some of your bike parts such as the cleats or pedals. Check for signs of wear and tear and determine whether you need to install replacements of not. Inspecting the pedals will also allow you to determine which tools you need to use during the procedure. 

It’s very easy to replace pedals or cleats on your own. You don’t need to take your bicycle to a repair shop to replace worn pedals.

To start, you should remove the worn pedals. You need to secure the bike on a flat surface. You may use a kickstand or secure your ride upside down using its handlebar and saddle. 

If your pedals come with flats, you should use a pedal wrench to rotate the flat counterclockwise and loosen the pedal. If your pedal is equipped with hexagonal sockets, you should use an Allex wrench. 

After removing both pedals, use a cleaning solution to remove grease and debris from the crank arms. Once everything is squeaky clean, you can install the replacement. You can probably complete the replacement process in less than an hour, provided you have the required equipment and cleaning solution.

Mr Cycling World - Your Source of Quality Pedals and Cleats

Shop inexpensive pedal and cleats replacements here at Mr Cycling World. We offer a variety of products that will surely meet your needs and demands. Some of the products we offer include the Positz MTB Cleats compatible with Shimano SPD pedals and VP Classic Flat Bike Pedals.

If you use flat pedals, we also offer affordable toe clips and straps from brands such as Positz and Zefal. Check out our extensive selection of products here at Mr Cycling World. Besides pedal and cleats replacement, we also stock plenty of other cycling parts and accessories.

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