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Tyre levers are essential cycling tools you need to bring along with you every time you ride a bike. Without a tyre lever, it’s virtually impossible to remove a punctured tyre from the wheel. Order Schwalbe flat levers at Mr Cycling World. We sell them per piece and in packs of 2s and 3s.

The Schwalbe slim tyre levers are made from plastic so you don’t have to worry about damaging your bike’s wheels and beads. Also, the item is lightweight, so you can conveniently bring it inside your backpack or saddle bag every time you go out for a ride. Shop high-quality bike levers today!


Durable Tyre Levers for Any Type of Bicycle

Tyre lever is a simple tool that every cyclist needs to have. With a durable tyre lever, you can easily deal with flat tyres and punctured tubes, most especially when you’re far from home. Our Schwalbe tyre levers can easily insert underneath the tyre bead. With one of our levers, you can conveniently remove a tight-fitting bead from the rim’s bead seat. 

Using other tools such as knife and screwdriver is highly discouraged because you might end up with a punctured bike tube.

Available in a vibrant shade of blue

The Schwalbe tyre levers come in a bright shade of blue. Even when you carry it along with other tools and equipment inside your backpack or saddle bag, you can easily spot it because of its vibrant hue. You can use such levers on any size of 700c tyres. It's made from glass-injected nylon so it can withstand damage and wear and tear. You can use it multiple times without worrying that it would break easily.

How to use tyre levers for wheel maintenance

Checking your tubes every once in a while is important especially if you always use your bike. The best way to assess your tubes is to remove them from the wheels. 

To remove the tubes, you must first deflate the tyres. To do this, you need to loosen and detach the locking nut from the valve. We highly recommend pressing down the bike wheel while you use a hex wrench to depress the valve. Doing so will help you deflate the tyres completely. 

Once fully deflated, push the tyre bead towards the centre of the rim using your hands. Pushing the bead will help you loosen it. Then, place a tyre lever under the bead. Place another lever about one to two inches from the first one. Once you correctly position the levers, pull them towards the spokes so you can dislodge the bead from the rim. 

Once you succeed, move one of the levers along the bike rim so you can work on the next sections. Repeat the process until you completely loosen the tyre bead.

Check the removed tube for punctures by inflating it twice the normal width and submerging it in water. If you see bubbles on the surface of tube, then it means that there are holes. You can either have the tubes repaired or replaced, depending on the size of the holes.

If the holes or punctures are too big, you should opt to replace the defective tubes. You can find superior quality tubes replacement for various sizes of bicycles here in our shop. 

Shop the best tyre levers here!

Want to ensure that you get the best deal for your bicycle? Shop here at Mr Cycling World. Our tyre levers are from a German company called Schwalbe. It is a brand well-known all over the world for high-quality cycling tyres.

Aside from tyre levers, we also offer other tools that may come in handy when you go cycling. Get more value from your money when you shop cycling supplies and bike parts at Mr Cycling World. We offer items from established local and international cycling supplies brand.

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