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Beanies provide additional insulation during the cold season and skull caps provide protection from the sun in summer. When damp, they also provide an excellent cooling effect on the head whilst you ride on a hot and humid day. These also come extra handy if you have a balding head. We offer a variety of beanies and bandanas including the Halo Protex Bandana Headband, Halo Anti-freeze Skull Cap, and Halo Solar Skull Cap and Tail Sun Protection.

Every item is made from durable materials to ensure that you can use each of them several times. Find high-quality beanies and skull caps, and other kinds of cycling clothing and accessories here at Mr Cycling World. You can shop for various super affordable items here.

Bandanas, Skull Caps and Beanies

Halo Protex Bandana Headband


Bandanas, Skull Caps and Beanies

Halo Sweatblock Skull Cap Headband


Bandanas, Beanies and Skull Caps - Your Complete Guide

Beanies and skull caps come handy in protecting your head from the heat and cold. They’re both made from durable and breathable material so you can wear them comfortably any time you decide to go cycling. At Mr Cycling World, we offer beanies and bandanas at a super affordable price. You can choose from a variety of colors, styles, and designs.

Skull Cap vs Bandana - Which is the better option? 

Not sure which option will suit you? Learning the key differences between the two might help you narrow down your choices. If you're looking for a tight-fitting head accessory, the skull cap or a beanie is the best option for you. It's brimless and it's perfect for those who want to sport a simple look. Additionally, they work great for any age. 

If you’re looking for a head gear that provides more insulation especially during the cold season, we recommend using a bandana. They’re super breathable so they make a fine choice especially those who have thinning hair.

Why wear bandanas, beanies or skull caps?

A lot of cyclists love pairing their outfit and accessories with a beanie, bandana or skull cap. That’s because these basic accessories provide protection from the warm rays of the sun as well as the cool breeze of winter or fall. With the right head accessory, you will surely enjoy a comfy trip.

They also prevent sweat from dripping into the eyes, especially during a long cycling trip. Salty sweat tends to irritate the eyes and can disrupt one’s concentration whilst riding a bike. Additionally, you can use such items to prevent bugs, dust, and other materials from getting stuck in between your hair strands. 

Plenty of items to choose from

Mr Cycling World is the best choice if you want to enjoy shopping for top quality cycling parts, supplies, and clothing. We have plenty of superior quality items that you will surely love to invest in! Whether you’re looking for beanies, bandanas, skull caps, tops, tubes, tyres or other items, we can definitely cater to your needs. Browse our selection of products today.