Protect your face from the warm rays of the sun with our headbands, hats, and visors at Mr Cycling World. We offer colourful, fashionable and functional sports hats, cycling visors and headband pullovers. You can choose from various designs and styles. Each item is made from high-quality materials so the colours stay vibrant even after multiple use.

Our items are the best alternative if you’re not too keen on wearing a cap whilst riding your bike. Feel free to pair our caps, visors, and headbands wit your favourite helmet to prevent sweat from dripping from your forehead to your eyes. Shop top quality items at Mr Cycling World today!

Headbands, Hats and Visors

Halo Headbands Slim 1″ Pullover


Headbands, Hats and Visors

Halo Headband Bandit Pullover


Headbands, Hats and Visors

Halo Super Wide II Pullover Sweatband


Headbands, Hats and Visors

Halo II Headband Pullover – Air


Headbands, Visors, and Hats - Total Must-Haves

Love cycling but hate the sun and your sweat trickling down from your forehead? Equip yourself with headbands, visors or hats! We have plenty of protective gear you can choose from here at Mr Cycling World. 

Our items come in various designs, styles, and colours! Surely, you can find an item that will satisfy your taste. The product we offer works for everyone! We partner with Halo to provide the best visors, hats, and headbands to our most valued customers. 

Halo - a trusted brand in the cycling biz

Halo is a US-based brand that specialises in manufacturing sweatbands, hats and visors. Unlike other brands, Halo provides items that can effectively block sweat. They don't get saturated quickly because the material used is designed to expel instead of absorb excess moisture. 

Even if you race with your mountain bike or tour the city with your road bike, a Halo sweatband, visor, or hat is surely the best accessory that can help you boost your performance. 

What makes Halo products different

Halo products are equipped with the Sweat Seal channels, a patented feature that keeps sweat away from your face. The products also come with Visa Endurance technology so they dry quickly, resists stains and provide maximum comfort. They also have anti-microbial properties so it stays odour-free even after wearing them multiple times. 

Why do you need to invest in hats and sweatbands?

Think buying hats, visors, and headbands is totally unnecessary? Think again! These simple protective gears come super handy when you ride under the sun. Hats and visors shield your eyes from the sun, while sweatbands or headbands prevent your salty sweat from irritating your eyes. At Mr Cycling World, you get to enjoy using stylish hats, headbands, and visors for a small price. 

Shop top quality headgears today!

What are you waiting for? Shop visors, hats, and headbands today so you get effective protection from sweat and the sun when you go on a cycling adventure. We have plenty of products listed in our shop. Check out your available options today!

Aside from our headgears, we also have plenty of other products that you can enjoy such as cycling tops, bicycle safety gears, helmet, and bike parts. Browse our product catalogue and enjoy shopping with our free shipping option.