Tyres aren’t made to last forever. Hitting a pothole, a rock or other obstacle may cause damage to your wheel’s structure. Regular use may also cause the tread to wear out. It’s crucial to check the condition of your bicycle tyre every now and then for you safety. If you notice signs of wear and tear, consider buying a replacement for your tyres.

We stock a wide range of tyres used for various equipment including mountain bikes, cyclocross bikes, city bikes, wheelchairs and road bikes. We source our products from Airpro, Factor, Positz and Schwalbe. Feel free to browse our selection of tyre and inner tubes combos here at Mr Cycling World.

Bicycle Tyres Made with Quality in Mind

Having good quality tyres is a must to ensure that your bicycle has enough friction whilst you’re on the road. When you use worn tyres, you’re not just putting yourself at risk of losing control over the bicycle. Instead, you also strain other important parts of your bike such as the brakes, brake pad and drivetrain.

It’s highly recommended to inspect your tyres for damage and signs of wear and tears especially if you frequently go cycling. If they’re too worn out, consider replacing them as soon as possible.

Here at Mr Cycling World we offer tyres in various sizes, including 20 inch, 24 inch, 26 inch, 27 inch, 27.5 inch and 700c. Our tyres are made from high quality materials. We source them from trusted names in the industry such as Factor, Schwalbe and Positz.

How to choose the right size of tyres

Most of the time, adult bicyles use tyres with a diameter of at least 26 inches. Others use larger sizes. For example, some mountain bikes use 27.5 inch tyres while other use 29 inches. If you’re not sure which tyre size your bike currently uses, check the label on the sidewall. You can also consult with us if you need help in selecting the right type of tyre.

Besides the size, you should also consider the tread patterns on the tyre. If you use a cyclocross or a mountain bike, we highly recommend choosing tyre replacements with deep tread patterns. This way, your bike has a better grip while you pass through slippery and muddy slopes.

If you only want to use your bike on smooth pavement, then you can settle for tyres with smaller tread patterns. If you use tyres with deep tread patterns on cement, then you bike will have a higher rolling resistance. Hence, you might end up cycling slower than usual.

Before you buy tyres, you should consider all the factors enumerated above. This way, you can purchase tyres that fits your needs.

Find the perfect cycling supplies today!

Are you now 100 percent certain of the tyre you should shop? Mr Cycling World offers a variety of tyres that will fit your bike. Feel free to check out our product selection today. Also, don’t forget to browse the rest of our product offers. We offer all sorts of bicycle parts including tyre levers, spokes and nipples, bicycle inner tubes and handlebar tapes. Additionally, you can also shop for cycling apparel like bandanas and sunglasses.

Tyre Size Compatibility Chart: Road Bike

Tyre Size Compatibility Chart - Road Bike

Tyre Size Compatibility Chart: MTB

Tyre Size Compatibility Chart - MTB

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