Keeping your gears/drivetrain well maintained ensures a smooth ride, regardless of the type, brand and model of your bicycle. Aside from applying cleaning and re-greasing the chains, you must check the condition of your drivetrain components and gears. If you see signs of apparent wear and tear, try replacing the worn parts as soon as possible.

You can find the perfect gears/drivetrain spare parts replacement here at Mr Cycling World. We sell high-quality loose bearings, gear cables, single speed conversion kits, bottom bracket shells and drivetrain cables end crimp caps. Check out our wide selection of drivetrain spare parts today.

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Durable Gear and Drivetrain for Your Bicycle

Here at Mr Cycling World, we offer all sorts of bike spare parts including drivetrain components such as inner gear cables, loose bearings, gear cable casing, and crimp caps. 

With our excellent selection of spare parts, you can improve the performance and condition of your bicycle drivetrain. Not sure how to tune-up your gears and drivetrain? Check out the tips and tricks below. 

How to improve the performance of the drivetrain

The drivetrain gets exposed to regular wear and tear, especially if you ride every day. Without proper maintenance, its components may suffer from damages. Below are some key tips you can follow to boost the efficiency and maintain the good condition of your drivetrain. 

- Clean it properly - Dirt, mud and rust can heavily affect the overall performance of the drivetrain. As such, you should clean your bike regularly especially if you frequently ride in a muddy environment. Use the right type of cleaners to get rid of deep-seated dirt and grease. 

- Don’t forget to lubricate the chain - The chain is one of the most important parts of your drivetrain. It’s crucial to lubricate it from time to time to decrease friction and to protect it from damage. Use a chain lubricant that gets the job done.

- Replace worn chain - If your chain wear reaches 0.50 to 0.75 percent, you must replace it immediately. You can shop chain affordable high-quality bike chain replacement here at Mr Cycling World.

- Examine the chain and derailleur - Make sure to adjust the position of the chain to prevent it from rubbing against the derailleur when you shift gears. If you hear a loud noise when you shift gears, then it’s most likely that the chain is too close to one of the clips of your derailleur. 

- Check the crankset - Look for cracks or other deformities on the chainrings and crank arms. Determine if you need to replace any of the crankset components.

- Inspect the cassette - Just like the rest of the mechanical components of your ride, over time, the cassette suffers from wear and tear too. Generally, you should inspect the cassette once you've reached 1,000 miles. If the teeth have started to resemble shark fins then you know it's time to replace the cogs or the entire cassette.

Get the best gears and drivetrain

Mr Cycling World offers premium quality cycling spare parts such as gears and drivetrain. We stock durable items from a long list of established brands from in and out of Australia. Shop bicycle parts, outdoor gear and bike accessories today! 

We offer the best price in the market! Not sure which items you should order? Feel free to browse our extensive selection of offers. You may also reach out to our friendly staff if in case you have any questions or concerns about a product or your order. What are you waiting for? Order your cycling supplies now.