Bring your bike maintenance and repair tools such as tyre levers, CO2 inflator sets and pumps wherever you go with durable bike storage bottles and tool bottles from Mr Cycling World. Our cycling storage bottle containers are large enough to secure and protect your tools and spares.

Our bottles are equipped with a screw cap. Also, it comes with a small opening to help you access spare tubes and tools like tyre levers, CO2 repair kits, pumps and repair patches without removing the cap from the lid. You can also use the storage bottle to secure tubes of cleaners, degreasers and lubes. Shop Storage Bottles and Tool Bottles for your bike today.

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Durable Storage Bottles

Looking for a more convenient way to store tools and other valuables? Why not invest in storage bottles? At Mr Cycling World, we offer high-quality storage bottles for your repair tool essentials. It will help you ensure that your tools, especially the metallic ones, don’t get exposed to extreme weather conditions.

We offer affordable storage bottles in single and double packs. We also stock bottles with a CO2 inflator, tyre levers, and a road bike tube replacement. You can readily fill the bottles with your most important tools.

What are the tools you can put in the bottles?

Each bottle we offer has a storage capacity of 750 mL. It can contain small items like tyre levers and wrenches. These are also large enough to keep all sizes of bike tubes. 

You can also use them to contain tubes of your favourite lubricants or cleaners. Feel free to use as many bottles as you want so you can group tools and your valuables inside your storage cabinets or backpacks.

What are the specifications of each bottle?

The Positz storage bottle measures approximately 19cm/7.5in tall and has a diameter of 74cm/29in. Thanks to its compact size and shape, you can readily fit it inside standard bottle cages. If your bicycle is not equipped with a bottle cage, you can put the bottles inside your bag. Each bottle is also made from waterproof materials so you can use it on any riding condition. 

Rest assured your valuables such as cards and repair tools and equipment will remain dry even when you go cycling under the rain. It’s a total must-have for every type of cyclist. Here at Mr Cycling World, we offer storage bottles in single and double packs plus combo kits at a super affordable price. 

Order premium-quality storage containers for your tools 

Carry your tools plus other valuables with you more conveniently with our high-quality. Positz storage bottles. With the bottles, you don’t have to worry about misplacing your tools and equipment. It will also help you keep your bags and workshop super neat and tidy. Shop waterproof storage containers from Mr Cycling World. 

You can also check out the rest of our product selection. Besides storage containers, we also offer water bottles, tools, and a wide range of door parts. We offer affordable and high-quality items from established brands from all over the world.