How our Special Orders Can Help You

As a small business we can’t stock everything, we neither have the finance nor the space to do so. Our Special Orders service can order in products that may not be stocked normally on our shelves. From replacement parts to helmets in specific colours and sizes, you can use our special orders system to help you achieve your project.

If you can’t find the product online, we also have a dedicated Special Orders Request system that can help track down the product or part you need and order it for you.

How our Special Orders System Works

Special Order products can be found and purchased online through the Mr Cycling World website only.



Search the Mr Cycling World website to find the special order product you want. If you can’t find it, please use the Special Orders Request system to see if we can assist.



Once you’ve chosen your products, you can purchase them online.

An estimated processing time may be displayed in the checkout, this allows time for us to order the product for you, for them to process it and ship it, for us to receive it, process it and ship it to you.



You will be notified when your order has been shipped. For specific lead time information check the product page.

Important info

  • All special orders are subject to our general terms and conditions.
  • We do not accept return requests for change of mind for special orders – please choose wisely.
  • Delivery times for special orders are much longer than standard items, please be patient and allow the magic to happen in the background – we’re as keen to get the products to your door as you are!

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I know if a product is a Special Order product?

You will know if a product is a Special Order if you see the Special Orders information on the product page.

This information is then repeated and may be seen in the checkout system prior to payment, at the order confirmation page after payment, in the order confirmation email and in the tax invoice included inside the parcel at delivery.

Why does delivery for a Special Order product take so long?

Special Orders are not stocked in our warehouse in Melbourne, they are stocked with our Australian-wide supply channels. After you have placed your order you need to allow time for us to order the product for you, for the supplier to process it and ship it, for us to receive it, process it and ship it to you. All of that takes time.

I need the Special Order product ASAP - can you help?

As outlined above there are a number of steps involved in processed a Special Order. It is possible to expedite some of these processes, however an additional fee may apply.

Let us know of your urgency and that you’re willing to pay for the costs, and we’ll definitely see what we can do for you.

What does Priority mean when I place the order?

Priority means your order goes to the front of the queue, ahead of others that did not choose the priority option.

Is Special Order actually dropshipping?

No, it is not dropshipping.

Do Special Order products get ordered from overseas suppliers, for example China?

No. All Special Order products are stocked domestically, within our Australian supply network.

Can I cancel a Special Order?

No, once an order is confirmed it is final.

Can I return my Special Order?

If you’ve changed your changed your mind or decided the Special Order is not for you then no – once an order is confirmed it is final.

“Special Orders allows us to assist our customers in finding the right product for their project. More choice, more options!”