Cycling DVD’s Make the Ultimate Isolation Boredom Buster

DVDs - Historic Cycling Moments

Beating theΒ curse of cabin fever means you need to find creative ways to pass the time. Whether you’ve had enough of Zwift or looking for an easy SundayΒ evening in,Β we’ve got some DVD’s to suit your taste.Β Some of our selection include: Eddy MerckxΒ in the 1976 Paris Roubaix Miguel IndurainΒ the Tour de France of the early 1990’s […]

Halo Headbands Bandit AIR Introduced Just in Time for the Australian Summer

Halo Headbands AIR Bandit Flash

Introducing the Halo Headbands Bandit AIR Halo Headbands – a popular US brand famous for their sweat preventing sports head-wear, have done it again. Introducing the Halo AIR Bandit Pullover, it’s an incredibly lightweight summer headband with brash yet stylish colour choices and overall good looks. The AIR Bandit is a newer version of the […]

Retro Italian SCIC Wool Cycling Jersey

Retro SCIC Cycling Team in White and Black Jerseys

Available now! A new batch of retro-styled Wool Jerseys have just come through our doors, and this is a favourite. A reproduction of the SCIC Wool Cycling Jerseys as worn in the late 1960’s – early 1970’s, the photos simply don’t do this shirt any justice. It is lush! Made in Italy in honour of […]

Why We’re Saying No to Black Friday Sale

Black Friday is right around the corner. It’s this annual sale held a day after Thanksgiving Day in the USA. Over the years, plenty of retail shops and marketplaces all around the globe have adopted this annual promotional event. Customers don’t mind standing in line or waiting for online announcements just to get their hands […]

The Netflix Cycling Cap from Hit Series Stranger Things is Available Here

Ceramiche Ariostea Cycling Cap - Stranger Things

For those of you with a keen eye for 1980’s pop icon nostalgia, you may have noticed a certain cycling cap making an appearance in the Netflix series ‘Stranger Things’. Worn by the character Lucas Sinclair (played by Caleb McLaughlin), this is a retro Italian cycling cap which was originally actually a professional team for […]

Why Registering Bicycles is A Terrible Idea

registering bicycles a bad idea

Every time an incident involving a bicycle happens in Australia, the media and particularly the social media trolls en-masse tend to bring up the idea of registering bicycles. Some people argue that bicycle registration should be prioritised because they claim that it can improve road safety. To make things worse, repeated exposure to such contentions […]

Why Smart Shoppers Aren’t Buying Their Bike Parts and Accessories From Aldi

Standard Bike Parts and Accessories Don't Fit Aldi Bicycles

Recently I went looking for a hedge trimmer to keep the front garden from going out of control this Melbourne spring. Low and behold, someone mentioned to me Aldi was doing a catalogue special next week for that exact item. I couldn’t believe my luck. Aldi run some fantastic specials from time-to-time, no doubt about […]