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A dry and dirty chain tends to wear faster, so it’s crucial to schedule regular cleaning and maintenance. To tune-up your bike, you need a few products such as lubrication solutions and cleaners.

Both cleaners and lubricants can help you protect the chain from damages caused by friction, corrosion and extreme cold temperatures. Whether you need a silicone lubricant, wax lube, a tube of bike grease, or bike chain and sprocket cleaner, we at Mr Cycling World can readily ship it to you.

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Lubrication, Cleaning and Service

Zefal Pro 2 Grease – 150ml Tube


Lubrication, Cleaning and Service

Armor All Bike Dry Lubricant 120ml


Lubrication, Cleaning and Service

Zefal Pro 2 Grease – 1kg Jar


Lubrication, Cleaning and Service

Zefal All-in-1 Bike Care Aerosol Can 150ml


Lubrication, Cleaning and Service

Armor All Bike Ultra Grease 120ml


Bicycle Lubrication and Maintenance

Maintaining and lubricating your bicycle’s chains and gears is one of the most important things you need to do as a cyclist. This will help you protect your bicycle from wear and tear and ensure that you have a smooth ride every time you head out. In order to tune-up the chains, gears and the rest of the drivetrain parts, you need to have the right lubrication solutions and cleaners.

Finding the perfect solutions

Here at Mr Cycling World, we offer a variety of lubrication solutions, grease, and sprocket cleaners, from Armor All. Here’s a brief description of the types of lubricants and cleaners you can choose from:

  • All-purpose cleaners - These are used to remove stubborn dirt stuck in between the chain and other drivetrain components. 
  • Degreasers - Degreasers are quite stronger compared to all-purpose cleaning solutions. They keep the movable components clean and fully functional.
  • All-purpose lubricant - All-purpose lubes can be applied on various bike parts including derailleurs, shifters and cables. It can help you protect your bike parts from dirt, moisture, dust and extreme weather conditions.
  • Wet lube - This is an oil-based type of lubricant. It’s mostly used by cyclists who pass through wet or muddy terrain. 
  • Grease - This is used to lubricate threaded components, cables, seat posts, and ball bearings. Applying grease allows you to minimise friction and ensure that your different bike parts stay in place.
  • Wax lubricant - Wax-based lubes allows you to protect your bike’s moving parts without the heavy or greasy feel. It’s ideal for dusty and dry terrains.

When to lubricate and maintain a bike

Knowing when to apply lubes or clean the moving parts depends entirely on the conditions in the areas where you frequently go cycling and the season. For example, during summer, you don’t need to clean and lubricate your bicycle frequently. If you ride every day of the week, cleaning and lubricating your bicycle twice a month is more than enough.

If you notice squeaking sounds from the chain, you should immediately apply lubricant. You should try touching the chains to determine if it’s too dry. If it indeed dry, apply enough amount of lube.

How to lubricate your bike parts the right way

Once you have the right tools, equipment, and cleaning and lubrication solutions, you can start working on your bicycle. Begin the process by cleaning your bike. 

You should never apply lubricant or grease on a dirty bicycle. Doing so will only result in a dirtier bike. Use your preferred cleaning solution to remove grease and dirt buildup especially in the drivetrain components.

Once you finish cleaning your bike, you can apply lubricant on the moving parts. Spin the bike chain, then drop small amounts of lubricant on the chain. Don't forget to shift into the different gears while you spin so you can evenly apply the solution.

Lastly, wipe off excess lube so the chain feels slightly moist when you touch it. After lubricating the chain, you can also work on the brake levers and arms. 

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