27.5" Tyres (650b)

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Shop 27.5 inch tyres for your bike here at Mr Cycling World and enjoy paying affordable price. Our package comes with two packs of tyres with alternate tread patterns. Our 27,5 inch bicycle tyres are perfect for spare and replacement during emergencies.

We source our MTB tyres from Factor, a Melbourne-based brand that manufactures various types and sizes of bicycle tyres and tubes. The Factor 650B MTB tyres is pefect for every day use. It comes with a knobby tread that ensures a smooth and comfy ride regardless of the roughness of the terrain. Shop the best 27.5 inch tyres at Mr Cycling World today!


27.5 Inch Tyres for Your Bike

Bicycle tyres are available in various sizes. One of the most common tyre sizes in the business is the 27.5 inch tyres. It can be paired with all various types of bicycles, including mountain bikes. If you ever notice defects or signs of wear and tear on your current bike tyres, we recommend replacing them fast. This way, your wheels won’t suffer from serious damage and you can avoid crashing whilst you go cycling. 

When to replace bike tyres

It is essential to replace your tyres before they blowout or suffer from worse damage. If you’re not sure when to install 27.5 inch bike tyre replacement, you can use the guide below:

Worn out tread - The shape and texture of the tread affects a tyre’s performance. If it’s too smooth or if the depth is too low, then it fails to grip properly. You definitely need to install a replacement if you notice such defects. Check the tyre’s condition from time to time so you can decide when to install the replacement.

Frequent flats - We know how frustrating it is to deal with constant flat tyre issue. This is why we recommend checking the condition of the tyres and tubes. In most cases, regular flat tyre issues are caused by defective inner tubes. There are also instances when the tyre gets damaged

Worn out casing - Another tell tale sign of tyre damage is the shape of the casing. When a tyre is too worn out, the shape of the casing also changes drastically. 

Damaged tyres - Tubes aren’t the only thing that suffers from damage whilst you go cycling. Sometimes, the surface of the tyres also get damaged because of sharp debris scattered on the terrain. 

Cracked rubber - Observe the texture of your tyres. Sometimes because of excessive wear and tear and exposure to extreme temperature, rubber tyres tend to crack. 

We also suggest changing your tyres after cycling for around 3000 miles. This will help ensure that your wheels and the rest of your bike stays in great shape.

Shop quality cycling supplies today! 

No matter what item you need for your bicycle, you can shop them here at Mr Cycling World. We offer a variety of items that you will find useful in improving the condition of your bike. Besides selling 27.5 inch tyres, we also offer inner tubes, bike safety accessories and more. Shop your cycling parts and accessories today and enjoy free shipping when you meet the minimum order.

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