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Need 12 inch tubes for kids bicycles, trailers, prams, pushers, wheelbarrows, trolleys or other similar equipment? At Mr Cycling World, we offer superior quality 12 inch bicycle tubes. Our products work great as a replacement and spare so you’re always prepared in case of emergencies.

Available in popular international brands like Schwalbe through to local brands like Positz and Factor. Our bike tubes are tested multiple times to ensure durability and flexibility. This way, you can ensure a smooth and safe ride. Find the perfect 12 inch tubes for kids bikes, pams, wheelbarrows, and trolleys only here at Mr Cycling World.

Affordable High Quality 12 Inch Tubes

Kids bicycles, wheelbarrow, trailers, prams and pushers often make use of 12 inch inner tubes. Like every wheel part, you may need to replace the inner tubes as soon as you notice signs of damage. This way, you can prevent damaging the rest of the structure of your tyres. 

All our tubes are made from high-quality materials, this way you can use them for a longer time compared to others offered in the market. Our 12-inch tubes equipped with regular or bent Schrader valves. To check each detail of the products we offer, kindly click each item.

How to prevent tube puncture

While you can readily install tube replacements, it still pays to know how to take care of your bicycle tubes. Here are some of the best ways you can protect tubes from punctures:

- Check the tyre pressure - Failing to inflate your tyres properly may negatively impact your tubes. Keep the tubes inflated so you can minimise rolling resistance. It's highly recommended to inflate the tyre at least 90 to 110 psi, depending on the weight of the individuals of the bikes or the load carried by the wheelbarrow.

- Inspect the rim and spokes - Frequent use of a bicycle on a rough terrain sometimes causes the spokes to puncture the tubes. As such, it’s crucial to check the rim and spokes from time to time. Replace defective rim tapes or spokes as soon as possible to avoid damaging the tubes. 

- Avoid repairing worn or punctured tubes - While it may be tempting to repair a damaged bike tube, we still recommend installing a replacement. It’s a cost-effective option, plus you don’t have to worry about patching up punctures with the wrong materials. 

- Pay attention to the terrain - Punctures mostly happen in rough terrains. They also happen in routes heavy with debris. When passing through such areas, check the tyres to check if your tubes got punctured. Again, if you notice defects, install the replacement. It won’t take too long for you to complete it.

Your reliable source of cycling supplies

Mr Cycling World offers a long list of bike supplies and accessories. One of our most saleable products so far are bicycle inner tubes. We offer them in various sizes. One of the sizes we stock is the 12 inch tube. Our products come from popular brands such as Schwalbe and Factor. Both brands never fail to deliver impressive cycling parts and accessories. Browse our extensive offers today!

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