Zefal Arctica Standard 55 Insulated Chill Water Bottles – 550ml, Silver/Green (2 Pack)


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  • 2-Pack: Includes two Zefal Arctica Standard 55 Insulated Chill Water Bottles
  • 2.5 Hours Insulation: Keeps drinks at the desired temperature for an impressive 2.5 hours
  • Odourless Material: Polypropylene construction prevents any smell or taste alterations
  • BPA-Free and Safe: Made with materials free from BPA and other harmful toxins

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Zefal Arctica Standard 55 Insulated Chill Water Bottles

  • Keeps drinks at the right temperature for up to 2.5 hours
  • Odourless polypropylene material ensures no smell or taste changes
  • Convenient size for easy carrying on a bike or in a bag
  • Multi-layer insulated system for superior temperature retention
  • BPA-free and toxin-free construction for safe and worry-free hydration
  • Price is for 2 bottles

Superior Insulation for Long-lasting Refreshment

Keep your beverages at the perfect temperature for longer with the Zefal Arctica Standard 55 Insulated Chill Water Bottles. This pack includes two reliable water bottles, each designed to deliver exceptional insulation and convenience. Say goodbye to lukewarm drinks and embrace the refreshing taste of cold water or the comforting warmth of your favourite beverage throughout your daily activities. Crafted with care, the Arctica water bottles are made from odourless polypropylene, ensuring that your drinks remain free from any unwanted smells or taste alterations.

Thanks to the innovative multi-layer insulated system, these bottles can maintain the desired temperature of your drinks for up to an impressive 2.5 hours, providing you with the ultimate drinking experience wherever you go. Whether you’re cycling through challenging terrains or simply on the move, the Arctica bottles are designed for easy portability. Its convenient size fits perfectly in your bike’s bottle holder or snugly in your bag, so you can stay hydrated without any hassle. Durability and safety are paramount, which is why these water bottles are free from BPA and other harmful toxins.

The cap is made of polypropylene, ensuring a tight and secure seal while preventing any leaks. Please note that the Arctica Standard 55 comes with the standard cap, delivering reliable functionality without the added cost of the pro cap. With a generous capacity of 550ml (18 oz) per bottle, you’ll have plenty of refreshing drinks on hand for yourself and a companion.

The Arctica bottles are lightweight at just 100g each, making them easy to carry and a joy to use. Cleaning and maintenance are a breeze. Simply rinse the bottles with water after each use, and for your convenience, they are dishwasher safe. To ensure the longevity of your water bottles, store them with the lids open.

Designed for practicality, the Arctica Standard 55 Insulated Chill Water Bottles have an impressive insulation performance. The exterior features a combination of metallic PET and polyethylene foam, while the interior boasts white PE. This innovative design ensures your drinks stay colder or hotter for longer periods. The Arctica Standard 55 Insulated Chill Water Bottles are the perfect companions for outdoor adventures, gym sessions, office days, and more. Embrace the freedom of enjoying your favourite beverages at the perfect temperature, whenever and wherever you please. Don’t settle for average hydration; elevate your drinking experience with Zefal Arctica. Get your pack of two today and stay refreshed on the go!


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