Schwalbe SV21E Aerothan Tube 650b 27.5 (54-62/584) Presta 83g


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Schwalbe Aerothan SV21E MTB 650B Tube – 27.5 x 54-62c, Presta

Uniquely light, extremely stable: The tube revolution made of Aerothan. Aerothan is a material that completely redefines the bicycle inner tube: extremely light, highly puncture-resistant and designed for the lowest rolling resistance. The revolutionary tube made of Aerothan achieves previously unattained peak values for elasticity, weight and puncture resistance. Especially for road, MTB and trekking bikes.

Aerothan Tube MTB – The Aerothan Tube MTB is just as resistant to snakebites as it is to sidewall damage – the extreme robustness of the material ensures this. For cross country and marathon use, the amazingly low weight and low rolling resistance show their advantages. Even on challenging trails, this tube never lets anyone down: Because the Aerothan Tube MTB remains extremely dimensionally stable even at low air pressures, you always have the bike reliably under control.

  • Consistently light up to the valve – around 40% lighter than a comparable Schwalbe Extra light tube
  • Puncture safety redefined – the material prevents sudden loss of air
  • Minimum rolling resistance – maximum driving dynamics
  • 100% recyclable
  • Extremely heat-resistant – approved for rim brakes
  • Stable handling – even at low air pressures
  • Made in Germany

Presta Valves

Presta valves are a popular choice among cyclists for several reasons. Firstly, their slender design makes them lightweight and ideal for high-performance bicycles, minimizing rotational weight for enhanced speed and agility. Additionally, their construction allows for higher tyre pressures, crucial for road cyclists and other performance cyclists seeking optimal rolling efficiency.

Presta Valve Bicycle Tubes

Frequently asked questions (presta valve tubes)

No, and most people will not use sealant in these tubes.

Unlike tyres, inner tubes are quite flexible and therefore can fit a range of tyre sizes.

The correct size tubes fit to your tyres. Please double check the product description for sizing information.

You really want to avoid using the wrong size tube where possible. In an emergency situation it might get you home, but there's a high risk of flatting in the process.

Yes, most people will carry one or two spare inner tubes when riding. In the event of a puncture, a replacement tube can be relatively easily swapped out so that you can keep riding.


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