Positz Clever Valve Bicycle Floor Pump Top Mount Gauge 160psi

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  • Versatile and Reliable: Suitable for all types of bicycles, from road racing bikes to mountain bikes, the Positz Clever Valve Bicycle Floor Pump handles tire pressures ranging from 20psi to an impressive 160psi. It’s a robust and durable pump designed to last, ensuring consistent performance every time.
  • Easy-to-Read Gauge: With a 6cm (2.5″) gauge positioned near the top of the pump, the Positz floor pump allows for convenient reading during pumping. The crystal-clear analogue gauge displays measurements in both psi and bar, with clear increments of 2.0psi and 0.2bar for accurate pressure monitoring.
  • Convenient Clever Valve Fitment: The Positz Clever Valve automatically detects whether you have a presta or schrader valve, eliminating the need to switch or change fittings. Its “push on/off” attachment system works seamlessly with threaded and non-threaded valves, ensuring a secure connection without the risk of damage.

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Everyday trusted performer

Designed to be a robust everyday performer for all bicycles, this Positz bicycle floor pump is designed to last the test of time. Catering for tyre pressures as high as a whopping 160psi (11bar) and as low as 20psi (1.4bar), it is suitable for all bikes; from road racing bikes to mountain bikes, from gravel bikes to urban commuters, from kids bikes to e-bikes… you can even attach your ball needle and pump up your sports balls! This Positz floor pump has really got you covered.

Easy to read 6cm (2.5″) gauge

Unlike most floor pumps, we’ve mounted this gauge nearer to the top of the pump, up near the handle. This makes it easier to read during the pumping action to ensure you’re not over-pumping unnecessarily. The crystal clear analogue gauge identifies two measurements: psi (in blue) and bar (in white), with the unmissable needle in bright yellow. Not only is the gauge easy to read, it also exceptionally accurate as it offers increments at 2.0psi and 0.2bar respectively.

Most bicycle tyres have the recommended or maximum air pressure printed on the sidewall of each tyre.

  • psi (pounds per square inch): generally considered the imperial measurement of air pressure
  • bar: the metric measurement of air pressure
  • 1 bar is approximately equal to 14.5 psi

Clever valve fitment for both presta and schrader

The Positz clever valve automatically detects which valve you are connecting: presta or schrader. There is no need to switch it out, the clever pump knows to do it for you. This mechanism is built right in so you don’t even need to think about it. The attachment is a simple “push on/off” system and will work with both threaded and non-threaded valves.

For additional security and to avoid damaged or bent valves, the connection also has a quick release “thumb-lock” mechanism. With your thumb, simply flick it up to lock on to the valve, start pumping, and release the T-lock prior to removing from the valve.

  • Presta valves are the skinnier of the two valve types, and is common on lightweight racing bicycles.
  • Schrader valves is the correct term for the valve you’ll see on car tyres. It’s a bit more heavy duty and stronger than the presta option.

Comfortable handle

We wanted to make it as easy as possible for you, so a comfortable handle is essential to getting your tyres pumped up with minimal fuss. PVC is lightweight and keeps it easy to lift repeatedly, and is shaped ergonomically to conform to the hand’s pronated grip shape.

  • Smooth surface upper and grip underneath for extra stability
  • Two handed – use both your left and right hands for maximum efficiency

Steel barrel and base is made to last

They don’t make them like they used to!” How many times have we all heard that? A cheap junk product destined for landfill this floor pump is not. Designed to be used over and over again, you can trust the Positz quality.

  • Steel one-piece 3cm vertical barrel (black) with additional 1.5cm alloy support (silver)
  • Steel two-foot stable base

Product specifications

  • Handle width: 23cm
  • Floor base width: 22cm
  • Flexible air hose: 90cm
  • Total pump height: 67cm (unextended) – 116cm (fully extended)
  • Max pressure: 160psi (11bar)
  • Unit weight: 1400g

Popular with

  • Cyclists who like to use good tools to maintain their equipment;
  • Families with a range of bikes in the garage;
  • Shops who need a pump on the floor;
  • Mechanics who are repairing punctures and replacing tyres and tube

Support Australian

Positz is a small but popular Australian brand focussed on making quality and affordable bicycle parts and accessories. You can buy Positz products with confidence.

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  1. I was very pleasantly surprised by how well built this thing is, I really have no complaints. And with free postage, there is very little chance you get any floor pump delivered cheaper.

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  2. As described. Easy to use.

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  3. A great pump for the price, and it very easy to use and fits both valve types.

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