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Sunglass lens technology has greatly evolved over the years, so youcan find plenty of options including the active fashion sunglasses. Active eyewear are specifically suited for active lifestyle. They have a more durable built compared to the regular type of fashion eyewear.

Sunwise is among the most well-known leisure and sports eyewear brands in the world. They’ve been around since 1996, offering premium sunglasses. You can shop durable, colourful and stylish active fashion sunglasses here at Mr Cycling World. We have an extensive selection of active fashion eyewear that can complement your style and protect your eyes from UV rays, dirt, and rain. Find the perfect eyewear here at Mr Cycling World.

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Active Fashion Sunglasses for Your Adventure

Active fashion cycling eyewear are among our most popular products here at Mr Cycling World. That’s because a lot of cyclists wear sunglasses both for aesthetic and practical purposes. With the right pair of sunglasses, you can surely enjoy your adventures even more. Check out the different Sunwise Active Fashion Sunglasses that we offer here at Mr Cycling World. 

How to buy sunglasses online

Some folks find it a bit challenging to buy eyewear online, and we totally understand why. Hence, here are some key tips you can use when shopping for a cycling sunglass.

Start by figuring out the shape of your face - You can do this by taking a selfie or by simply looking at your face in the mirror. Use your browline, jawline and cheekbone to determine your face shape.

Pick a shape that suits your face shape - For example, if you have a circular face, go for sunglasss with angled frames. If you have a square face, we recommend choosing eyewear with softer angles or those with circular frames.

Also, take note that you should avoid choosing sunglasses with frames that span the width of your entire face. Grab a measuring tape and cross reference the measurements with the specifications of the item you wish to buy.

Sunglasses care tips

Once you have your sunglasses, your next priority is to ensure that it lasts for a long time. This way, you get to bring it along with you anywhere you want to. Here are some sunglasses care tips you can use to prolong the lifespan of your favourite eyewear:

Keep your sunglasses in a hardcase - With a good quality sunglass hardcase, you can protect the lenses from getting scratched whilst inside your bag.

Rinse the lenses with water before cleaning - It’s highly recommended to rinse the lenses with clean water before you wipe them with a microfibre cloth. Alternatively, you can use spray cleansers to remove dust particles.

Air dry the sunglasses - After rinsing your sunglasses, air dry it. If you can’t wait, use a microfibre cloth.

Wipe it with the right material - Don’t wipe your sunglasses with materials such as your shirt, tissue paper and paper towels. These aren’t suited for wiping your sunglasses. 

Plenty of items to choose from

At Mr Cycling World, you can find plenty of active fashion eyewear to choose from. Check out our offers today! We offer free standard shipping for a very small minimum order.