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Need to shop new commuter bike tyres such as 700 x 28 tyres? Shop durable 700c x 28 tyres for spare or replacement at Mr Cycling World. We offer items at super affordable price. Some examples of bike tyres we offer include Factor Commuter Bike Tyres and Positz Performance Commuter Bike Tyre. Each product has been tested several times to ensure its reliability and durability.

Find the perfect 700c x 28 tyres at Mr Cycling World. If you’re struggling to choose the right type of 700c tyres for your ride, feel free to reach out to us for help. We also offer all kinds of essential cycling spare parts and tools.


Durable 700 x 28 Tyres for your Road Bicycle 

 Bicycle tyres are available in a variety sizes. One of the most popular sizes you can find in the 700c x 28 tyres. These are suited for most brands, makes and models of road bikes and commuter bikes. 

Like the rest of the bicycle tyres available in the market, the 700 x 28 tyres also need to be replaced. Installing a pair of new and good quality tyres replacement will help you take control of your bike and minimise the risk of crashes or other types of accidents. 

When to replace your tyres

Even the most durable 700 x 28 tyres will need replacing after reaching the prescribed mileage. Ordinary road bike tyres tend to wear out after reaching around 1000 to 3000 miles. Tyres used for races on hand need replacing after reaching 1000 miles. Aside from mileage, you can also check for visible signs of wear and tear.

Bulges/bubbles - If you see bumps forming on your tyres, the this mean the rubber material has started to degrade. It won’t be long before such abnormalities result in blowouts.

Cracks - While rubber is originally elastic, it hardens after some time. The changes in the structure of the material often leads to small or large cracks. This happens both when you overuse or under utilize your bike.

Worn tread patterns - Tread patterns on road or commute bikes play a crucial role in reducing the amount of water sprayed on the rear part of the wheels. The patterns also provide enough friction between the road and your bicycle. If the grooves and tread patterns are no longer that visible, we recommend installing your replacements.

Recurring flats - Rips and small holes on the tyres eventually becomes the entry points of sharp debris that may puncture the tubes. In most cases, this causes damage to the tubes and triggers frequent flat tyre problem. Double check the condition of your tyres and tubes, and replace when needed. 

As much as possible, you should replace the tyres in pairs so they both wear out at the same rate. Also, we recommend checking the sizing details of the tyres. The details of your tyres are written on the sidewall.

Quality bike spare parts you can afford!

Mr Cycling World is your ultimate source for budget-friendly bicycle parts and accessories. We offer plenty of products you can choose from. Aside from the 700c bicycle tyres, we also offer tools, handlebars, drivetrain, chainlinks and more. Feel free to browse our extensive product catalogue today!

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