Looking for puncture resistant 700 x 35 tyres for your road bike or commuter bike? You can shop them here at Mr Cycling World. We stock high quality 700 x 35c tyres from a variety of local and international brands, known for their top-notch cycling products.

Every 700c tyre we sell are made with quality and reliability in mind. Each 700x35c tyre measures approximately 35 mm and fits standard 700c road bicycle rims. Shop two tyres for the price of one here at Mr Cycling World. You can also shop other bike parts such as tyre levers, spokes, and inner tubes. You can find superb bike parts sold at an excellent price here at Mr Cycling World.

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Quality 700 x 35 Tyres Replacement

The 700 x 35 tyres are frequently used in road and commuter bikes. It’s the perfect tyre size to use. At Mr Cycling World, you can shop quality tyre replacements for an affordable price. We stock tyres from well established brands such as Factor and Positz. They’re made from durable materials so you can use them for a long time.

Things you need to know about road and commuter bike tyres

The bicycle tyres are among the most crucial parts of your ride. It’s the contact point between your ride and the ground. Tyres come in various sizes, and among the most popular sizes is the 700 x 35 tyres. We have it here in Mr Cycling World. Currently, you can choose from three variants. All of them are made with reliability and quality in mind. They differ in terms of the tread patterns. 

Notice how the tread pattern of road or commuter bike tyre is smoother compared to mountain bikes? Because roads are far smoother than the typical than bike trails. Because of their smoother texture and patterns, road or commute bike tyres have lesser rolling resistance, making them easier to use even with less effort. 

When you should replace bike tyres

Like the rest of your bicycle parts and accessories, you also need to replace your bike tyres after sometime. It gets worn out after reaching a certain mileage. If you fail to use or store your bike properly, the tyres may also crack. It’s crucial to recognise the first few signs of wear and tear so you can replace the tyres as soon as possible. Some of these signs include worn tread patterns, punctures, tears and exposed casing. 

Failing to install replacements on time may result in a disaster. For example, simple cracks or punctures can result in blowouts. This may cause you to lose balance whilst riding your bicycle. Additionally, this may result in costly bicycle damage.

Shop the affordable bicycle parts today!

Mr Cycling World offers a large selection of bicycle parts and accessories. One of the products we offer is the 700 x 35 tyres. Aside from this product, we also have other offers including rim tapes, handlebar replacement, outdoor gear and cycling apparel. Find out more about our offers by browsing through our shop. Take advantage of our affordable deals plus our free shipping offers.