Shop quality 700 x 32 tyres for your bicycle here at Mr Cycling World. The Factor City Bike Trekking Tyre is perfect for various terrains. It’s a clincher tyre made from puncture-resistant materials, so it’s built to last for a long time. Each pair of 700 x 32 tyres we offer are made with reliability and durability in mind.

Also, these items were tested several times to ensure that their quality meets industry standards. We also offer other 700c tyres plus essential biking tools and equipment. Check out our awesome selection of products today and enjoy shopping reasonably-priced items here at Mr Cycling World!


700 x 32 Tyres Replacement for Your Bicycle

Bicycle tyres eventually wear out so you need to ensure to check yours and install replacements when needed. Here at Mr Cycling World, you can shop 700 x 32 tyres from the best cycling brands. All of the products we offer are made from quality materials. 

How to know when to change your bike tyres

Some people find it a bit difficult to determine when to replace their bicycle tyres. Below are some key indicators you can use as your guide:

  • Exposed casing
  • Bald tread patterns
  • Flat spots on tyre’s surface
  • Cracked rubber
  • Recurring flat tyre problem
  • Puncture and cuts on the tyres

How do you choose a tyre replacement

When shopping for a new tyre, pay attention the size. Check the label provided on the tyre sidewall. It should tell you the tyre’s width and size. If in doubt, you can ask us for help when selecting your tyre replacement.