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700c Tyres for Road Bicycles

Finding the right tyre is essential in ensuring a smooth and comfortable ride and minimising rolling resistance. You can choose from a variety of tyres depending on the type of bicycle you have. In most cases, 700c tyres are used in road bikes. Here at Mr Cycling World, we stock 700c bicycle tyres in various widths. All are made from high quality materials so you’re assured that the tyre you shop will take you to any adventure you want.

Anatomy of a bicycle tyre

To know which type of bicycle tyre you should invest in, you must know a bit more about its key components. Take note that each tyre is comprised of the following standard features: 

Casing - The casing is the tyre's foundation. It can be made from a variety of materials including nylon, silk and cotton. It connects the beads and provides resistance from stretching.

Bead - The beads are responsible for holding the tyre in place. It is only found in clincher tyres. These are made from either steel wire or kevlar fibre.

Sidewall - The tyre’s sidewall often times contains the label for its size and width. It’s crucial to check the label first before you purchase a replacement for your tyres or inner tubes. Aside from the size, the label also contains information on the prescribed tyre pressure.

Tread - It’s the part of your bicycle tyre that touches the ground. Tyres come in different tread patterns depending on the brand and model. Majority of road bike tyres have smooth treads. There are also tyres equipped with grooving in their tread patterns. Ideally, you should choose tyres with grooved patterns if you will cycle under the rain. This will provide you with better gripping power and prevent the tyres from slipping.

Some tyres are also equipped with protective layer which prevents the tubes from getting punctured whilst you ride. Check the label or product description of the tyre you wish to purchase to determine if its the righ option for you ride.

Find the best tyres today!

Buy the highest quality bicycle tyres here at Mr Cycling World. We have tyres from well-known brands such as Positz and Factor. Besides bike tyres, we also offer other bicycle parts such as inner tubes, drivetrain, gears, chains and more. Not sure which 700c tyre you should purchase? Feel free to get in touch with us. We will help you identify the right tyre width.