Want to shop 29 inch tyres for your mountain bicycle? We offer top quality replacement or spare tyres from Factor, a local brand known for their exceptional selection of bicycle parts. Our product selection of bike tyres includes the Factor 29er tyres, which can fit various brands and models of mountain bikes.

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Quality 29 inch Tyres for Your 29er MTB

You will never know when you will need to replace your 29 inch tyres, so it pays to have a few extras. Shop your tyre replacements here at Mr Cycling World. We have high quality tyres you can use in all your travels. We team up with well established brands to ensure the reliability of all the products we sell.

The 29 inch bike tyres work perfectly for any brand or model of 29er MTB. Alternatively, you can pair these tyres with hybrid bicycles.

Popularity of the 29” Mountain Bike

Nowadays, we see a lot of cyclists using 29 inches MTBs. When it was introduced some cyclists thought that it as severely oversized. But today, more and more people can't get enough of their 29er bikes especially those who put great value in comfort and tyre gripping action. Here are some of the other benefits of using 29 inch bikes:

It provides a larger contact area, so you can get better and stronger traction especially when you climb elevated areas or corners. 

Larger wheels tend to roll faster and more effortlessly compared to smaller ones.

29" bikes have better attack angle so the wheels tend to roll over obstacles with very less impact.

Because of such features, you can surely improve your efficiency and performance when you go cycling. As such, you can ride with great confidence. The only downside to the huge tyres is their naturally heavy weight. 

Who should use a 29er MTB?

Anyone can use a 29er bicycle even with it's incredible size and height. Even short individuals can use this type of bicycle. To offset the size of the wheels, you can use a smaller frame. Bicycle frame, after all, comes in various sizes.

When to replace your bicycle tyres? 

There are several ways you can determine when you should replace your bike tyres. First is to check the tread pattern. Does it show signs of wear and tear? Check its depth. Does the pattern feel smooth to the touch? Another way is to inspect for blowouts and casing defects. These two signs are commonly observed in heavily worn out tyres. If your tyre is already in bad shape, don’t hesistate to have it changed right away.

Buy your 29 inch tyre replacement

Mr Cycling World is your source of budget-friendly but highly reliable cycling parts and accessories. You can shop for all sorts of items that can boost the speed, performance and safety of your ride. One of our product offers is the 29 inch tyres. These are made from durable materials so they can last for a long time. Shop quality parts for your bicycle today!