Need to replace a punctured 26 inch tube of your mountain bike? Find the ultimate replacement here at Mr Cycling World. We stock inner tubes from different well-known cycling brands such as Foss, Schwalbe, and Factor. Using simple tools such as tyre levers, you can replace damaged 26 inch tubes.

Check out some of the products we offer which include Schwalbe SV12A, Factor City Tube Bikes and Factor MTB Thorn ResistantBike Tubes. Make sure your bicycle tubes are always in pristine condition when you head out. This way, you can enjoy a smooth and hassle-free adventure. Shop the perfect inner tubes for your bike here.

26 Inch Tubes Replacement for Your Bicycle

Recurring flat tyre issues are often caused by worn out or punctured tubes. This is why you need to replace your tubes after some time. You can readily avail 26 inch tubes here at Mr Cycling World. Our bicycle inner tubes are made from durable materials to help you avoid flat tyre problems or tube punctures. We stock tubes with Schrader and Presta valves. 

How do you know which tube size to order?

Here at Mr Cycling World, we offer tubes in various sizes. Some of the tubes are used for kids bicycles while others are best used for mountain bicycles, city bicycles and even wheelchairs. To know which tube works best for your ride or equipment, you should check the sizing. There are two ways you can do this:

- Read the specifications of your bike - Try to review your bike specifications on the manufacturer’s website. You can also contact the shop where you purchased your bicycle. They will most definitely know which tube size would suit your ride.

- Read the label on the sidewalls of your tyre - Check the markings on the tyre's sidewall. The first digit you'll find the label refers to the wheel's circumference, while the following numbers refer to the tyre's width. The label will give you a more accurate idea on which tube size you should stock.

Understanding the two valve types 

Valves are small attachments used to deflate and inflate the tube. There are two main types of valves available, namely Schrader and Presta valves. You can easily distinguish these valves from each other by looking at their shape, size and type of attachment used. Schrader valves are commonly used in inexpensive bicycles. They have a thicker base compared to the Presta valve. 

The Presta valve, on one hand, has a slim base plus a lock nut on top. You can mostly find this type of valve on racing and touring bicycles. They’re easier to pump compared to Schrader valves. 

Before you shop for tubes replacement, be sure to determine which type of valve is compatible with your ride. If you need more guidance in selecting the right tube package, feel free to get in touch with our team. 

Get quality cycling items from Australia’s trusted shop

Mr Cycling World offers a wide range of cycling supplies such as tubes, tyres and levers. We make sure to deliver high-quality items that you will love. We source our products from trusted brands such as Foss, Zefal, Positz, Schwalbe and Factor. All our items are available at a super affordable price.