Need 22 inch tubes designed to retain optimal air pressure for a longer timeframe? Check out our Schwalbe 22 inch inner tubes equipped with either Schrader or Presta Valve. Each tube was individually tested to check for uneven wall thickness. Also, the tubes we sell were inflated and inserted into a mould to check their capacity to retain air and pressure.

Unlike other brands, Schwalbe tubes contain an optimal amount of high quality butyl so they can retain air pressure even after 30 days. Enjoy a hassle-free ride knowing that you have reliable and long-lasting bike tubes. Each pack sells for a very affordable price and you get to receive two packs for spare or replacement.

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Reliable 22 Inch Tubes for Bicycles

Every bicycle parts and accessory tend to wear out after some time. Even with proper maintenance, bicycle parts such as inner tubes. Sometimes they get punctured by spokes or wear out due to frequent riding. Worn tubes can cause quite an issue especially if you fail to replace them right away. 

Here at Mr Cycling World, we offer superior quality tubes replacement. We have tubes replacement for various sizes of bicycles. One of the most popular tube sizes we offer is the 22 inch tubes.

We source these from Schwalbe, a German bicycle tyre and tubes brand that has been around for several years. Currently, we offer two types of 22 inch tubes. One is equipped with a Schrader valve, while the other has a Presta valve. Each tubes replacement package we sell contains a pair of 22” bicycle inner tubes.

How do you know you should replace your bicycle tubes?

Tubes need replacing especially if the punctures are too big or too deep. You also need to replace them after a certain timeframe depending on how often you go cycling. This will ensure that your tyres always stay in great shape, most especially while you're touring the road, riding through a rough patch of land or competing in a multi-day cycling race.

You can replace the worn tubes on your own with a pair of tyre levers. It won’t take you long hours to replace a single worn tube, especially if you use the right tactics in removing the old tube and inserting the replacement.

Do take note that you should use tubes replacement with valves compatible with the rim. This way, you can ensure that it fits the tyre seamlessly.

Presta valves vs Schrader valves

Tubes are either equipped with Presta or Schrader valves. At Mr Cycling World, we offer both kinds of tubes. The key difference between these two is their shape. Upon close inspection, you’ll notice how slender and long Presta valves look while Schrader valves look a bit stubbier.

Presta valves are also equipped with a lock nut, while Schrader valves only have a spring cap. If you’re not sure which type of tube you should buy, we can guide you. Our friendly staff will guide you through the process. 

Aside from 22 inch tubes, we also stock other tube sizes. You can also shop other kinds of cycling supplies such as repair tools, handlebars and rim tapes. We offer high quality items at an affordable price.