20″ Tubes for BMX and Folding Bikes

All 20 inch tubes we offer at Mr Cycling World are made with durable and flexible materials. We stock tubes from both local and international brands such as Schwalbe, AirPro and Positz. Every product we offer were tested multiple times so we can assure their quality.

Some of the products we offer include thorn resistant tubes, standard schrader valve tubes but we also offer presta valve 20″ bicycle tubes too. Most of the tubes we sell come in a pack of 2 for best value. Check out our awesome selection of 20 inch bike tubes today.

Common applications for 20″ bicycle tubes:

  • BMX bikes
  • Kids bicycles
  • Folding bikes

Order yours for spares or replacements.

20 Inch Tubes Replace or Spare for Your Bicycle

Tubes wear out when you use your ride frequently. Fortunately, you can easily replace them using a few tools while you’re on the road or inside the workshop. You can purchase 20-inch tubes or other sizes of bike inner tubes here at Mr Cycling World. We also offer a long list of bicycle repair and tune-up tools. With our superior quality items, you can surely improve the condition of your ride with greater ease.

How to replace bike inner tubes

As we mentioned earlier, installing bicycle tubes is not an impossible feat. All you need is to prepare a few items such as tyre levers and a workstand. Once you have everything in place, you can start working on your tyres.

Start by flipping your ride so you can access the wheels in a more convenient position. You can use a workstand or perhaps a chair. Then, you need to deflate the tyre so you can remove the worn tubes faster. 

Using tyre levers, you can lift the tyre and inner tubes from the bicycle’s rim. Once you have the tyre and tube removed, check for punctures. We recommend running your fingers on the surface to feel dents or holes on the surface. If you notice damage on the tubes, we install replacing them with new ones.

However, before you install the replacement, we suggest checking the rim to ensure that the rim tape is still intact. If you spot holes, you can easily install a new layer of rim tape. The tape will help you protect the tubes from getting punctured by the spokes. 

Lastly, make sure the valves of the new tube aligns with the hole found on the rim. You can start inflating it a bit before inserting the valve into the rim hole. Slowly insert the tube under the tyre and see to avoid tearing up the material. We suggest using your thumb to insert the tubes or a tyre lever to ensure that it’s tucked in securely. Once you finish, you can fully inflate the tyres.

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Mr Cycling World offers the best 20 inch tubes that can fit most kids bicycles. All our products are made from durable materials. Feel free to browse our selection of cycling supplies. We deliver anywhere in Australia. We also provide international shipping option. Start shopping our affordable and top-quality cycling supplies such as tubes, tyres, rim tapes and repair tools today!