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Need 18 inch tubes with a Presta or Schrader valve? You can order yours here starting at $27.23 per pack. Each pack contains two durable bike tubes. We at Mr Cycling World offer top quality tubes from Schwalbe, one of the leading brands of cycling supplies in the world.

We charge a super affordable price for all the items we offer. You’ll never know when you might need a tube replacement so it’s best that you stock a few of these in your saddle bag or workshop. Also, we highly recommend carrying tyre levers with you when you travel so you can quickly replace punctured tubes.


18 Inch Tubes You Need to Have

Tubes generally don’t need frequent replacing especially if you source them from a reputable shop. However, if you regularly use your bicycle, you may need to check and replace your tubes. You can shop spare or replacement 18-inch tubes for your ride or equipment here at Mr Cycling. Our bicycle inner tubes are made from durable materials. The Schwalbe 18 inch inner tubes are specifically designed to last longer than other tubes in the market.

Schwalbe - a well-known name in the tyre industry

Mr Cycling World offers inexpensive but high-quality 18-inch tubes. You can stock them as a replacement or spare in your workshop or your travel bags. Our tubes come from Schwalbe, a German brand that specialises in producing premium bicycle tyres and tubes. The brand has been around for years. They never fail to deliver outstanding cycling supplies.

Currently, we offer two types of 18-inch bike tubes from Schwalbe. One is equipped with Presta valves, while the other comes with Schrader valves.

Schrader and Presta Valves - What are the differences? 

Generally, bike tubes are equipped with either Schrader or Presta valves. The main difference between the two is their shape. Schrader valves mostly have a stubbier stem compared to Presta valves. Besides their shape, they also have different attachments. Presta valves come with lock nuts to seal in air. Schrader valves, on one hand, only comes with a spring lock. 

Some cyclists find it a bit cumbersome to pump air into tubes with Presta valves. But, these are proven the better choice, especially for professional cycling racers. 

It’s crucial to check the specific type of valve used in your previous inner tubes. This way, you’re sure that the replacement is compatible with your tyres. Failure to select the correct type of tubes may result in poor air retention and flat tyre issue.

If you’re not certain which type of tubes you should shop, kindly reach out to our team. We will help you determine the right item to buy. 

Shop the best cycling supplies today!

Mr Cycling World has been around for years, delivering exceptional bike accessories and supplies to both local and international customers. We are committed to delivering impressive cycling supplies that don’t cost a lot of money.

We offer a long list of items ranging from bicycle accessories such as front and rear lights and important bike spare parts like 18 inch tubes. Shop today and enjoy our free shipping offers. 

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