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At Mr Cycling World, we stock premium quality chains and chain links for various types and models of bicycles. We highly recommend replacing your bicycle chains after reaching roughly 3,218 miles to prevent diminishing the quality of the drivetrain parts. Apart from protecting the drivetrain, replacing your bike chain can easily boost the physical appeal of your ride.

If you notice signs of wear and tear, replace the chain right away. Order the perfect chain or chain links replacement today to ensure that your bicycle parts function smoothly every time you go for a ride. Our chains and chain links replacements come from Positz, one of the most prominent cycling parts brand in the country.


Top Quality Bike Chains

The chain is among the most essential component of a bike. However, more often than not, a lot of folks tend to overlook its importance. Some even fail to recognize the fact that their bike chains need immediate replacing.

Over time, the internal parts such as the rivets and rollers wear down, giving you the illusion that the chain is stretching. Such a defect causes the chain to mesh poorly with the cogs. Sometimes, a worn chain also twists and gets dislodged in the derailleur.

When to replace bicycle chains

Aside from the potentially damaging the drivetrain, worn chains can also result in lost efficiency and difficulty in shifting between gears. Failure to change the chain in time may cause a lot of problems for you. 

If you’re not sure when you should replace the chains, you can use any of the methods enumerated below.

- Manual checking - Manual testing is not as accurate as the rest. However, it’s a useful method especially if you forgot to bring tools and equipment with you. To check the chain manually, lift it away from the largest gear. If you see a large space in between them, this may be a sign for you to replace the chain. 

- Using a ruler - Measure the distance between 12 chain links. If the measurement reads 12 1/16 inches, it is definitely time to replace your bike chain. If it reads more than 12 ⅛ inches, you may also need a new cassette. 

- Using a chain checker -If you want to get more accurate chain wear readings, you can use chain checker tools. By inserting the tool on the inner and outer link you can determine the chain wear percentage. In general, if the chain wear measures more than 0.75 percent, you must replace the chain. If your bike has 10 or fewer gears, you should replace the chain if the chain wear measures 0.75 percent. If the wear measures 0.5 percent and you're using a cassette with more than 11 gears. 

Quick fixes for damaged chains

Sometimes, there are instances when you don’t to replace the entire chain. For example, if the damage is limited to a few chainrings. You can either use new chain links or quick links so you can replace twisted or worn rings. 

To do this, you will need to have a few tools so you can successfully replace damaged links. Some of these tools include pliers and a chain tool.

Order chain or chainring replacement today

At Mr Cycling World, we offer exceptional quality chains, chain links and connector quick links. We take great pride in our extensive selection of affordable products that can help maintain the pristine condition of any type of bicycle. Aside from chain and chain links replacement, we also offer bike repair and maintenance tools plus all sorts of spare parts and bike accessories.

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