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Need to replace your bicycle brakes/cables? Find top quality parts replacement for your ride only here at Mr Cycling World. We offer brakes and cables replacements from Positz. Regardless if you need a universal road bike rim brake cable set, bike brake shoes or cantilever brake inner cables, we can surely ship your order in no time.

Your satisfaction and safety is our top priority, so we assure the quality and durability of the brakes/cables that we sell. Our parts replacements are compatible with many types of bikes including commuting, road and mountain bikes. Shop the bike parts you need at the most reasonable price.


The Best Brakes & Cables Replacement

Brakes and cables need replacing after some time. You can easily handle the replacement task on your own provided you have the required tools and spare parts with you. Here at Mr Cycling World, we offer a variety of items you can use to improve your cycling experience. Two examples of products you can shop here are brakes and cables. 

Tools needed for brakes/cables repair

You will need an Allen Key to loosen the crimp bolt to release the inner cable. If the cable is frayed, we recommend cutting it so you can easily pull it out. After removing the old cable, you can thread the new one in the shifter. 

Then, you should cut the outer cable to the right length. Use the old cable as your guide in cutting the new cable. 

You can use a pick to open up the cable and a file to smoothen the edges. Position the cables and check the cable tension by pressing the brake lever. Once the cables are set, you can secure them in place with handlebar tape. Replacing the rear brakes follows a similar process. 

When to replace brakes and cables

Not sure when you should replace the brake calliper lever or cables? Below are some key tips you can use as your guide.

- Corroded cables - If you tend to ride in muddy terrain, it’s highly likely for your inner cables to become corroded. If you notice signs of rusting or corrosion, you must immediately replace the inner cable with a new one. 

- Frayed or snapped cable - Ideally, you shouldn’t wait for your cables to snap. If you use the brakes frequently, then the cables may get too frayed or bent. Before you head out for a multi-day event or exploring a rocky and sloping trail, you must check your cables for signs of wear and tear. You should also bring cable replacements with you so you can install one in case the old one snaps.

- Worn brake pads  - Worn pads are less effective in controlling your speed. To inspect the brake pads you need to drop the wheel from the fork or detach the pad from the holder. New brake pads are equipped with grooves. Old ones no longer have grooves because they get shredded when you hit the brakes. Old and worn out pads also tend to have a mushier texture.

Damaged brake levers - If you have a seized brake calliper, it will be harder to take control your bicycle especially when you’re passing through a downhill slope. This may result in bike damage or worse, serious injuries. While you can try to apply WD-40 or GT85 to fix the levers, we highly recommend installing new ones instead. 

Order bike brakes and cables replacement today!

Want premium quality bicycle brakes or cables? Order yours here at Mr Cycling World today! Our cables, calliper levers and other brakes spare parts are all made from durable materials. We only source them from Positz, a trusted local cycling brand.

Besides brakes, cables and crimp bolts, we also offer a wide range of other affordable bike parts, tools, accessories and apparel. Find items that can help you enjoy cycling in the city or exploring rough terrains here.