Cycling is more fun if you’re equipped with the right bicycle safety accessories. Here at Mr Cycling World, you can shop items such as trouser clips, bells, flags, and cycling mirrors.

Shop safety flags to increase your visibility when cycling in the late afternoon or evening. You can also check out our reflective trouser clips. These are super helpful in fastening your trousers and preventing them from getting caught in one of the chainrings.

Our selection of bicycle accessories also includes eyeglass mirrors from Take a Look Mirrors, one of the most well-known cycling mirror brands today. We also offer bike bells from Positz, a local brand. Receive top-quality safety accessories that you can afford only here at Mr Cycling World.

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Safety Accessories for Cycling

Cycling is indeed a fun and enjoyable physical activity. It’s also one of the best transportation options, especially for those who want to avoid traffic jams and costly fares. However, it’s no secret that sometimes, cycling comes with a few safety risks. 

To protect yourself from collisions and other road-related problems, it’s highly recommended to invest in top-quality safety equipment and accessories. Below are the basic accessories you should consider buying.

Bicycle Bells

Bells are essential accessories used to protect yourself and other people from the risk of getting caught in bike collisions. With a bike bell, you can notify others, especially pedestrians and motorists, when you’re about to pass in front of them. With a ringing mini bell, you also get to avoid confronting folks who might be standing in the way especially when you're approaching the area fast.

Currently, we source bike bells from Positz, a local cycling supplies brand. The Positz Easy-fit Mini Bike Bell comes with a lightweight and minimalist design. It’s also equipped with an adjustable strap so you can easily use it on any size, model or type of bicycle. 

Safety Flags

Increase your bike’s visibility with an orange safety flag. A vibrantly coloured flag will help others see you, especially during a busy day. The Positz Safety Flag comes with an easy to mount design and durable vinyl fabric. It comes with a 150 cm fibreglass rod. These are very useful for cyclists who love touring busy streets in the city. 

Cyclist Mirror

Cyclist mirrors come extra handy especially for those who want to be more aware of their surroundings. It will help you have a better peripheral vision so you can avoid colliding with fellow cyclists, motorists and even pedestrians. It’s an ideal accessory to use for those who love riding with a large group of cyclist.

At Mr Cycling World, we stock both left and right Take a Look Cyclist mirrors. Take a Look is a well-known brand that offers active eyewear for cyclists and other athletes.

Trouser Clips

Hate dealing with loose trousers? Secure them tightly using trouser clips. This will help you prevent your trousers from getting caught in the drivetrain. Each pair of trouser clip we offer is equipped with reflectorized bands to help increase your visibility when you go cycling after dark. We source our cycling trouser clips from Positz and IceToolz. 

Order your safety accessories today!

Shop high-quality bike bells, safety flags, trouser clips and cyclist mirror here at Mr Cycling World. We stock accessories and equipment from trusted brands in the cycling industry. Furthermore, we offer our items at an affordable price. 

What are you waiting for? Check out our superb selection of items today! Aside from safety accessories, you can also find other awesome cycling supplies and spare parts here in Mr Cycling World.