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Sometimes extreme weather conditions and cold temperatures make outdoor cycling quite uncomfortable. Good thing, you can still enjoy doing what you love indoors with a stationary bike whilst watching DVD’s of Tour de France and Belgian Spring Classics. You can even relive Chris Boardman’s Quest For the World Hour Record.

You can even jazz up your indoor cycling routine with your choice of adrenaline-pumping music. If you’re feeling too sore after a cycling event, you can watch bike event videos for fun with your friends and families.

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Indoor Cycling - DVD’s, Trainers and More!

Extreme weather conditions and low temperature make it virtually impossible to go cycling outside. If you’re training for an event, you can choose to do indoor cycling. It’s a superb alternative that will help you stay in shape and condition your body for strenuous races or multi-day events. 

Indoor cycling is perfect not just for professional cyclists but also for athletes. It is known to provide various health benefits such as efficient calorie burning, improved cardio, and increased speed and agility.

What do you need for indoor cycling?

All you need to prepare for indoor cycling are good quality trainers, adrenaline-pumping playlists and cycling DVD’s. Here’s a closer look at each requirement:

Trainers or stationary bikes

To maximise the benefits of indoor cycling, you should have basic equipment such as a stationary bike. Exercise bikes can be classified into two, namely, upright and recumbent bikes. Cyclists often choose the upright model because it looks and feels like a typical bicycle. But, you can use the recumbent model if you want ample support for your bicycle. 

Aside from stationary bikes, you can also use bicycle trainers for your indoor cycling exercises. These are highly preferred by professional and competitive cyclists.

Cycling DVD’s and workout playlist

Aside from trainers or stationary bikes, you also need to have cycling DVD’s and a workout playlist. These will help you feel more hyped while doing your training routine.

Cycling events videos can also provide you with enough motivation and inspiration to train. You can also pick up useful tips and techniques from professional cyclists featured in the videos.

At Mr Cycling World, you can shop DVDs of various cycling events from 1976 to 2010. If you’re not sure which item you should purchase, you can ask assistance from our team. We would be more than happy to help you select the perfect videos that can help you with your cycling events preparations.

DVD’s Perfect for spinning classes

Indoor cycling might be very different from outdoor cycling. However, you can’t discount the fact that it’s still quite a great way for you to train for upcoming races or events. If you want to host a spinning class with your family and friends or if you simply want to train by yourself, having a few cycling DVD’s is highly recommended.

Various videos to choose from

At Mr Cycling World, we offer various DVDs including the 1991 Tour de France, 2010 Omloop Het Nieuwsblad and Tour de France 2013. Check out our selection of DVD titles above. Each title is available for an affordable price.