We ship orders globally everyday. However, this is not without its challenges and international freight can sometimes be a confusing component of ordering online. This page is designed to give a brief explanation of how we process international orders. As an Australian company please note that when we talk about “international” we are referring to all destination countries except for Australia.

Most international parcels we send are routed via our shipping agent in Singapore as this allows us to offer three important things the standard Australia Post service cannot: online tracking, competitive shipping rates and excellent service – all important components to ensure you get what you want, when you want it, how you want it.


    1. When your order is received in our system we begin to process it in our warehouse based in Melbourne (Australia). Please refer to our Estimated Despatch Times page on how long you can expect this to take
    2. Your parcel makes the trip from us here in Melbourne (Australia) to your destination country and city
    3. Your local postal authority takes control of your parcel and delivers it to your nominated address


Unfortunately delays can and sometimes do happen with international shipping using any carrier, going to any country and at any time. Obviously any delays in delivery are out of our control as your parcel is handled by a number of carriers as well as your local customs and border protection authorities. Please allow 30 days for delivery, after which please email us to lodge an investigation with the shipping company. If a delay does occur with your parcel we do appreciate your patience.


    • Please refer to our dedicated tracking page for information on how to track your order
    • Your country’s primary postal website will give you the best tracking once the item has arrived in your country