Positz Slimline USB Rechargeable Front and Rear Bike Lights Combo Set

$74.99 $29.95

This set of Positz USB rechargeable front and rear bike lights pack a punch over and above what you might expect, especially for something so slim, lightweight and stylish. Designed for cyclists of all types to navigate through the traffic while still being seen, they can be used day or night.

Price is for both front and rear lights together.

Key Features:

    • USB Rechargeable: Quit installing new batteries after every ride, these lights have you covered every time. Can be charged using the included cable via computer or wall power socket. Never run out of batteries again!
    • Front and Rear Light Set: This package includes both front and rear bike lights as a matching combo set. Saving you time and money, you’ll be ready to ride, and ride safe
    • Tool Free Installation: Clever to use quick release silicone rubber straps can be mounted in seconds without any fancy tools or instructions. Durable, strong and solid, the light will stay in place exactly where you want it to until it’s time to unstrap the lights with ease
    • Universal Design: Positz have designed this light set to fit to nearly every bicycle, whether you’re attaching your lights to you handlebars, stem, seatpost or frame. Suitable for road cyclists, city commuters, urban riders and bike path users
    • Latest Technology: Using a combination of small but stunningly effective LED and chips COB LED, these lights are designed to be seen when you need it the most. Up to 160 degrees visibility reduces “blind spots” and means you can be seen from front, rear and side on

Package Includes:

    • Front light with mounting bracket
    • Rear light with mounting bracket
    • Micro USB recharging cable

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Positz Slimline USB Rechargeable Front and Rear Bike Lights Combo Set

$74.99 $29.95