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  • Tailored Comfort: The Positz Ozone saddle features an anatomic relief design, Ozone base cut, and elastomer bumper, working in harmony to provide unparalleled comfort by reducing pressure on sensitive areas and absorbing shocks. Say goodbye to discomfort and hello to enjoyable, pain-free rides.
  • Versatile Performance: Whether you’re a mountain trail enthusiast, urban commuter, or dedicated spin class attendee, the Positz Ozone saddle is your versatile companion. Its spring protection and shock-absorbing features make it a reliable choice for various biking styles and terrains, ensuring a smooth and controlled ride every time.
  • Spin Class Champion: Highly regarded by fitness enthusiasts, the Positz Ozone saddle has gained popularity in gyms for spin classes. Its ergonomic design and durability shine in high-intensity indoor cycling environments, making it the preferred choice of seasoned spinners and newcomers alike. Elevate your spin experience with the saddle that blends comfort and performance seamlessly.

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Say hello to comfort, bid farewell to discomfort – order your Positz Ozone saddle today and embark on a journey of riding pleasure like never before.

Discover a new level of cycling comfort with the revolutionary Positz Ozone Anatomic Relief Comfort bicycle saddle. Engineered to provide unparalleled relief from discomfort, this saddle boasts an ingenious anatomic design that caters to your body’s unique contours. Whether you’re conquering mountain trails, cruising on electric eBikes, touring the city streets, or engaging in invigorating spin sessions, the Positz Ozone saddle promises an extraordinary riding experience.

Key Features:

  1. Ozone Base Cut: The advanced Ozone base cut enhances flexibility and adaptability, allowing the saddle to conform to your movements while reducing pressure on sensitive areas. Say goodbye to numbness and discomfort during your rides.
  2. Anatomic Relief Design: Our saddle’s thoughtfully crafted anatomic relief design ensures optimal weight distribution, providing a cushioned support system precisely where you need it most. Ride longer and with greater ease, thanks to this ergonomic innovation.
  3. Spring Protection: With integrated spring protection, the Positz Ozone saddle absorbs shocks and vibrations, minimizing jolts from uneven terrain. Enjoy smoother rides and maintain better control over your bike.
  4. Rear and Nose Guards: The included rear guard and nose guard provide added protection against scuffs, scratches, and wear. Your saddle will remain in pristine condition even after enduring various environmental elements.
  5. Elastomer Bumper: The elastomer bumper further enhances shock absorption, ensuring a gentle and forgiving ride. It’s like having your own suspension system tailored to your comfort.
  6. Unisex Design: Suitable for riders of all genders, the Positz Ozone saddle is a versatile choice that accommodates diverse preferences and body types.
  7. Easy Installation: The saddle comes with a 22.2mm standard clamp, ensuring a hassle-free installation process. Get ready to hit the road or trail in no time.


  • Dimensions (LxW): 250 x 235mm (9.8 x 9.3in)
  • Weight: 950g (approx)
  • Clamp: Standard size 22.2mm (7/8-in)

Brilliant for the outdoors:

The Positz Ozone Anatomic Relief Comfort Bicycle Saddle offers exceptional outdoor cycling comfort without the need for unnecessary fluff. Crafted with precision and designed for riders seeking a more enjoyable experience, this saddle is tailored to meet the specific needs of cyclists. With its ergonomic design and advanced materials, it ensures a comfortable ride, even during long outdoor journeys. Its anatomical relief features provide added comfort for extended rides, making it an excellent choice for cyclists throughout Australia and beyond. Say goodbye to discomfort and hello to enhanced outdoor cycling pleasure with the Positz Ozone saddle, available at Mr Cycling World.

Preferred by Spin Enthusiasts:

The Positz Ozone Anatomic Relief Comfort Bicycle Saddle has become a sought-after choice among fitness enthusiasts and spin aficionados, making it a preferred saddle for spin classes in gyms worldwide. Its exceptional anatomic relief design and spring protection technology provide the perfect combination of comfort and performance, ensuring that every spin session becomes a journey of pure enjoyment.

Designed to withstand the rigorous demands of high-intensity indoor cycling, the Positz Ozone saddle delivers a seamless riding experience, allowing you to focus solely on your workout. Its elastomer bumper and spring protection work harmoniously to absorb shocks and vibrations, reducing strain on your body while you pedal your way to new fitness milestones.

Whether you’re an experienced spinner or a newcomer to the world of indoor cycling, the Positz Ozone saddle’s unisex design guarantees a comfortable and supportive ride for riders of all levels. Transform your spin classes into energizing, invigorating sessions with a saddle that has earned its reputation as the ultimate choice for spin enthusiasts.

Join the ranks of dedicated spinners who have already discovered the comfort and performance-enhancing benefits of the Positz Ozone Anatomic Relief Comfort Bicycle Saddle. Elevate your gym experience, enhance your performance, and redefine your spin journey – all with the revolutionary Positz Ozone saddle by your side.


  1. Q. Will it fit on my exercise spin bike? A. Yes: if you have a seat clamp with standard post, or a micro-adjustable seat post. No: If you have a seat clamp which is specific to your bike only.
  2. Q. Will it fit on my regular bicycle? A. Yes: if you have a seat clamp with standard post, or a micro-adjustable seat post. No: If you have a seat clamp which is specific to your bike only.

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  1. Exercise arrived promptly and was very easy to put together. Works well. Would recommend. Amazing comfortable

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  2. The new seat is perfect and just what I was looking for! Comfortable and great quality.

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