Schwalbe Wheelchair Tyres and Tubes
We’re proud to stock some of the leading quality wheelchair tyres and wheelchair tubes, by Schwalbe.

To choose the correct size tyre or tube for your wheelchair, please refer to the size printed on the sidewall of your current tyre. Then cross-reference that size with the size options available below, select the size you need and you’re all set to go.

For wheelchair tubes, you may wish to also consider which valve is right for you – the more common car valves (known as ‘schrader’ valves) are slightly thicker and heavier than the lightweight French valves (known as ‘presta’ valves) which are popular among wheelchair sports.

If we don’t have the size wheelchair tyre or wheelchair tube you’re looking for, or if you need some advice and assistance guiding you to choose the correct size we’re happy to help – please drop us a message and we’ll get back to you with our expert suggestions and advice.