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Cycling shorts/knicks are specifically designed to provide extra comfort and reduce chaffing, most especially during long rides. At Mr Cycling World, we offer cycling shorts and clothing kit combos at an affordable price.

One of our offer is the Mr Cycling World Baggy Knee Length 2-in-1 shorts which is perfect for commuting or touring purposes. It comes with good-quality removable Lycra padding plus elastic waistbands. Besides MTB shorts, we also offer genuine De Marchi contour bib shorts.

Whether you’re a pro cyclist who wants to make an impression or a regular bike commuter, you can surely find the perfect cycling shorts/knicks here at Mr Cycling World.

Durable Cycling Shorts and Bibs for Your Cycling Trips

Besides investing in a good-quality bicycle, you also need to wear the right garment. It is quite crucial especially if you want to boost your speed and performance and ensure your comfort whilst riding. At Mr Cycling World, we stock all kinds of bicycle clothing. Two notable examples are the MTB cycle bike shorts and the De Marchi cycling bib.Β 

Both types of shorts are made from durable fabric. These items are made with reliability and durability in mind. Hence, they don’t easily wear out or tear even when you use them frequently.

Different types of cycling shorts

Cycling shorts can be classified into two main types - MTB padded shorts and bib shorts. Here at Mr Cycling World, you can buy both types of bike shorts. The main differences between the two are the design and the materials used.Β 

Bib shorts are made from tight-fitting material. These are classic items used by many professional cycling athletes. These are ideal for road biking because of their stretchable, aerodynamic, and breathable design. It can dry quickly even when you sweat profusely whilst you’re on a trip.

MTB shorts, on one hand, come with a slightly loose or baggy design. It’s usually made from lightweight nylon so it provides enough protection against branches or twigs. They are often equipped with chamois to provide extra comfort when pedaling in rough terrain. Also, they have thick but breathable padding to allow you to move with greater ease.

Buy cycling shorts today

Mr Cycling World offers high-quality cycle shorts for both MTB and road cyclists. Both of our baggy MTB shorts and bib shorts are available at a super affordable price. You can even pair them with any of our cyclist clothing and gears. We have fashionable and durable items such as merino wool jerseys and cycling jackets. Enjoy the items you deserve today!