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Chamois creams and embrocation creams and oils come handy for professionals cyclists. Chamois creams help minimise chafing, especially during multi-day cycling events whilst embrocation creams warm the legs during the cold seasons.

Whether you’re looking for a way to increase your riding comfort, protect your skin from getting damaged or promote blood circulation when competing in a cold place, we offer the perfect products in the market.

The creams and oils we offer come in small tubs and tubes so you can conveniently bring them along in your bags or backpacks when you cycle. Shop the perfect embrocation or chamois cream for your cycling adventures only here at Mr Cycling World.


Cycling Creams and Oils Explained 

Cyclists, most especially those who frequently join multi-day events or ride long distances, often struggle with chafing. Others, on one hand, struggle cycling during the cold weather because the blood doesn’t flow normally on the legs. Thankfully, you can apply chamois creams to protect the skin that comes in contact with the saddle or embrocation creams and oils to warm up the legs.

A closer look at chamois lotions/creams

Chamois creams are made of antibacterial and highly viscous ingredients that can help you reduce friction between the skin, clothing and bicycle saddle. 

This type of topical solution is different from antiseptic creams because it doesn’t just help with existing chafing but also provides enough moisture to prevent sores and other cycling-induced skin irritation in the future.

Feel free to apply as much cream as you want on the groin area. You can also apply it on the chamois area of your cycling shorts. We recommend applying it before your scheduled cycling trip, but you can always reapply whenever necessary.

Good thing, we At Mr Cycling World, we offer chamois butt'r cream in tubes, tubs and sachet. With such items, you will find it easier to reapply whilst you're on your trip.

Why you need embrocation oils/creams

Aside from chamois lotions or creams, a large fraction of cyclists also stocks embrocation creams. It’s like a liniment used by cyclists and athletes who want to increase blood circulation on certain parts of their body such as the legs. 

Once you finish rubbing the embrocation cream on the affected area, you can immediately feel it warm up. The warm, and sometimes, hot sensation helps insulate the legs from the cold temperature. 

We offer embrocation creams from Qoleum, a sports cream brand that specializes in providing narcotics-free muscle rubs and creams for athletes.

An embrocation cream is directly applied on the legs. You may also apply it on the shoulders, lower back, and knees. It's best to apply a little pressure when you rub the cream to boost its effectiveness. Take note to avoid rubbing it near the eyes because it may cause severe irritation. 

Shop creams and oils at Mr Cycling World today!

Need chamois or embrocation creams to support your active lifestyle? We at Mr Cycling World offers plenty of creams and oils that you can use to protect your skin and warm up your legs. We source our products from well-known brands such as Paceline and Robbie McEwen. Order creams and oils in sachets, tubes or tubs today!

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