Halo Headband

Halo Headband: Sweatbands That Work For Any Activity

At Halo Headband we pride ourselves in making sweatbands that actually work. Our patented SweatBlock Technology channels sweat away from your eyes so you can focus on cycling, running, training, or just plain working hard. Halo sweatbands also feature Dryline® Fabric for increased performance through wicking away sweat and absorbing moisture.

Our product began with the original Halo I – tie version, but we now have sweatbands for any application. From cycling skull caps, to sports bandanas, to our best-selling Halo II elastic sweatband, you are sure to find a headband that works for you.

Halo Headband - How it Works

How it Works:

Dryline fabric is a high performance material that quickly evaporates moisture so you stay dry and comfortable. It is lightweight, durable and abrasion resistant. It will not lose its shape or form.

Dryline Visa Endurance technologies combine effective long lasting odor control with moisture management and easy care. It includes a multitude of other performance capabilities that provides overall comfort to the end-user.

Benefits include:
– Controls odor
– Wicks perspiration away from the body
– Dries quickly
– Releases stains
– Soft and breathable

Halo Headband - Fits Under Any Helmet

Moisture Management

What does moisture management mean to you? It means the fabric will help keep you dry by wicking away sweat and perspiration from your body when you are working out or working hard. In fact, this wicking property is one of the most important feature in high performance apparel. It helps keep you comfortable in uncomfortable situations.

Antimicrobial Odor Prevention: Visa Endurance is a silver-based antimicrobial. It is powered by silver ions which control the growth of bacteria and therefore keeps the fabric smelling fresh. The silver ions are actually encased in a ceramic cage and are only released when they come in contact with human sweat.

Stain Releasing: Unlike other synthetic fabrics, Visa Endurance fabrics release the most stubborn stains easily in the wash. Visa Endurance is less likely to pickup other dirt and oil from the wash water, so colors tend to stay the same and do not become “grayed out” over time.

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