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Knog PWR Lights

Knog PWR Lights

"Charger" PWR Series:

  • Light with integrated power bank
  • Top up charge your devices
  • Bar mounting with silicone strap
  • Helmet mounting accessory available

"Modular" PWR Series:

  • Interchangeable lightheads
  • Battery works as power bank
  • High power for off-road
  • Multiple mounting solutions

Choose the simple “charger” bike lights which have an integrated power bank, or upgrade to the “modular” system which has interchangeable PWR Lightheads and PWR Banks. These batteries will power all the modular products, including the upcoming outdoor range.

PWR Bank Included: All Knog PWR bike lights have a battery that can charge your devices. We call it the PWR Bank, of course. The PWR Banks have enough charge to get you home using your lighthead, and still have enough juice for anything from an emergency top up charge for you mobile (PWR COMMUTER) to generously fully charging your mobile twice (PWR MOUNTAIN).

PWR Mounts: Helmet or handlebar, extension or not, we've got you covered.

Extra bright time or extra long time? Choosing your “Charger”: The two “Charger” lights come with 5 pre-programmed modes, just in case you haven’t yet discovered the ModeMaker app. See below for more on how you can tailor your flash and constant modes. The optimum steady mode for the PWR Commuter is the aptly named “Commute” mode. It runs for 2 hours at 200 lumens, but there is always the option to crank it up to the 450-lumen “Ride” mode. The PWR Rider will last 2 hours at 450 lumens, and for those with stamina, will run at 200 lumens for 5 hours.

Optics - Brighter Thinking: When Knog designs each light, optics come first. Always have. The secret is understanding what each rider needs, and then giving them the beam pattern to do that and more.

The ModeMaker App: Both “charger” lights and modular lightheads can be programmed. This isn’t just for fun (although some of the flash patterns are pretty amusing) – it’s to let you control brightness and importantly, their runtimes.

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