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Thinking of buying a bike stand? Storage, convenience and organisation make them a great choice, but here are a few things to consider, and some reasons why you simply must buy one…

Are you tired of seeing your bike located all over your place? Always in the way in the garage? Leaning against the wall in the corridor? Sitting outside on the balcony? Or maybe you live in an apartment and you do not know where to put your bike. Bike stands are what you need in order to organise your space.

There are tons of different developments and ideas to make your bicycle storage solution better. If you are thinking that all bike stands and bike hooks are all but the same, well you got it wrong. One of the main decision-factors is how your stand will make it easier for you to get your bike immediately. If you are using wall hanging bike racks, you may need to unhook your bike before you can go riding. This kind of situation could possibly be very inconvenient for your children, but perfect for adults. Since most wall-mounted hangers are located in a certain height children needs the assistance of their parents in order to get their bikes. On the other hand, if you are using a bike rack on the floor, all you have to do is slip your bike wheel out and away you go!

Another advantage of some bike stands is its capability to hold several bikes therefore making it good bike storage. So if you have several bikes at home, this is an ideal option for you - plus you will be able to keep your place organised and save some cash at the same time! Storing your bike correctly means there will be fewer chances for your bikes to get those ugly scratches that can be caused by not using a bicycle-specific system.

There are also some other considerations to take when buying a bicycle stand. First is the size of the tire of your bikes, keep in mind that mountain bikes usually have wider and bigger tires than the regular bike tires. Same goes for handlebars. If you rent, you should be looking for a temporary solution that does not require permanent wall or floor fittings. You should consider buying a bike rack that suits your needs.

A bike stand is an essential tool for any cyclist. It serves a lot of advantages and convenience as well. It may seem like an extra expense, but rest assured that you will definitely get what you pay for – you’ll wonder how you got by all this time without one!

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