Why We’re Saying No to Black Friday Sale

Black Friday is right around the corner. It’s this annual sale held a day after Thanksgiving Day in the USA. Over the years, plenty of retail shops and marketplaces all around the globe have adopted this annual promotional event. Customers don’t mind standing in line or waiting for online announcements just to get their hands on their target items.

Apparently, the term was coined years ago. Initially, it was associated with the financial crisis in 1869. A few years later, it was used by the Philadelphian police force who had to work overtime to help control the hordes of shoppers a day after Thanksgiving.

Until today, the Black Friday sale is one of the most popular promotional sales events, both in the offline and online setting. Plenty of large brands and marketplaces in the country make use this event to attract more buyers to try their offers.

Black Friday in Australia

While Black Friday sale is warmly embraced in various countries, the name itself is frowned upon by some people in Australia. Unlike in the USA, Black Friday has a dark history.

Back in 1939, a terrible bushfire destroyed hectares of land in Victoria. The state was filled with smoke. A lot of folks feared for their safety as well as their properties. The incident was so bad, it burnt down roughly 75 per cent of the Victorian state. The fire started sometime in December 1938 and worsened on January 13, hence named Black Friday.

The bushfire claimed 71 souls and destroyed around 650 buildings and thousands of residential properties. The deadly fire was caused by severe drought and strong winds.

Due to the severe damage, the Black Friday bushfire of 1939 was dubbed as the worst fire disaster in the country. The government collected more than 2,500 pages of survivor testimonies. Needless to say, it was a traumatic incident that affected millions of Aussies. It’s definitely not the best term to use when running an exclusive promo.

Finding an alternative name to the well-known annual sale

Take note that, we’re not actually against the idea of a hosting a sales event atthis time of year. We know for sure that we have plenty of customers who want to grab their favourite cycling items at a discounted price. As one of the most popular online bicycle shops in the country, we want to provide the best value to our valuable clients. And we believe it is our duty to do so.

We, however, suggest renaming this epic shopping bonanza, into something that’s not associated with the 1939 firestorm disaster. It’s nothing more than a 24-hour event, so we think that it won’t really hurt to create an Aussie name for it.

Some of the ideas we came up with include Mega Friday, Crazy Sale Friday and Blockbuster Friday. What alternative names for Black Friday would you like to suggest?

Awesome deals even without the “Black Friday” tag

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