How to Measure Bicycle Spokes

The question “how to measure bicycle spokes size correctly” is something we get asked every now and again. But it need not be confusing, in fact for most people it is quite simple. The below diagram gives the correct way to measure your spokes.

Spoke Length and Gauge

Note the two most commonly referred to sizes are:

– The Length of the Spoke (shown in the diagram below as “L3”)

– The spoke gauge (shown below as “G”)

How to Measure Bicycle Spokes

Spoke Length Tolerance

Another point worth mentioning is that as a general rule a 1-2mm tolerance in spoke length is acceptable and rarely effects the build of the wheel. This of course, goes against the grain for most cycling components whereby sometimes even 0.1mm can be the difference between a perfect fit and not fitting at all.

Where to Buy Bicycle Spokes and Nipples

Now that you know how to measure bicycle spokes, you can start looking for replacements. Mr Cycling World, your favourite online bike shop is a good place to start! ;)