700 x 23c Tubes

700 x 23c Tubes - Where to Buy

For many years now, 700 x 23c has been the default size for most racing-style road bike tyres. But why this size? How do you know if you need 700 x 23c tubes? And what’s trending? All good questions that requires a decent blog post. So without further ado, let’s start with our 700 x 23c tubes explanation…

What is a 700 x 23C tube?

Let’s start with the very basics: 700c is the standard diameter of a road bike rim. It’s a weird way to word it, because technically the rim diameter is actually 622mm (but no-one ever says that). It’s also 28 inches and that’s even less common. Heck, it’s actually technically also identical to 29 inches but now things are getting weird and even more confusing. Let’s just agree that it’s 700c “because it is”. End of. Ok?

Why 700 x 23c?

So we’ve figured out that 700 ‘just is’ but what about the 23 bit? Well that’s the tyre width, in millimetres. No tricks here, it is what it is. Ahhh – much better, right? So why do we say 700 x 23c instead of 700c x 23mm? Well, there’s no difference of course. Just like the whole 700c issue to begin with, just know that the terms are interchangeable and the old guy your local bike shop will be impressed with your new-found confidence.

23mm width tyres has for a long time been considered the ‘standard’ width for most road bikes. Wide enough to be comfortable, skinny and light enough to be fast.

How Do You Know if You Need 700 x 23c?

This is pretty simple. Just check the sidewall of your current bicycle tyre. There it should say, eventually, when you find it, the tyre size. If it says 700 x 23 you know you’ve got yourself a keeper.

Is the Future 700 x 23c?

The sad reality is that the answer to this question is more than likely a clear “no”; the 23mm tyre is slowly dying. The trend is swinging towards wider tyres of 25mm or even 28mm. Comfort is the driving force behind that, also coupled with some pretty damning research showing the humble 700 x 23c tyre isn’t actually ‘better’ than what we originally thought. So what does that mean? Not so much that the 23mm is dying as I not-so-eloquently referred to 20 seconds ago, more so that the other widths are taking their fair share of the market. Much like Vegemite on toast, 700 x 23mm tyres will still be the standard for quite some time to come.. even if no-one’s quite sure why.

Tubes for 700 x 23c?

700 x 23c tubes, you know the fold-up inner tube things that you carry spares of in case of a puncture? Yeah, well they just happen to be one of our best selling categories. Let’s not pretend to be unbiased here. You should buy your tubes from Mr Cycling World. Why? Because in the same way 622mm is 28 inches and 29 inches but it’s really just called 700c, well, that’s just the way it is.

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