Thule Alternative – The Positz Bike Fork Mount

Positz Fork Mount in Action

When asked “What’s a good Thule alternative?” by one of our customers the other day, we thought what a great question that needs to be answered. If you’re looking for a cheaper Thule alternative to the Thule 821 Low Rider Fork Mount Block then we suggest the Positz Bike Fork Mount. Suitable for DIY’ing your own bicycle storage or transport system, all you need is a solid flat surface. The possibilities are seemingly endless: the back of your ute, inside your van, SUV or caddy, or even indoors.

Some Positz products are a direct Thule alternative, and this particular item is no exception. Designed to retain high quality craftsmanship while still coming in at a great price, next time you’re shopping for a bike fork mount look no further than Positz – we’ve got you covered!

Positz also acts as a great alternative to other bigger (and arguably overpriced) brands of bicycle racks and transport systems – brands such as Saris, Rhino, Prorack, Yakima and Rola had better be aware: there’s a new player in town and with exceptional customer product reviews, it looks like it’s be here to stay.

Be sure to check out the Positz Bike Fork Mount here.