Industry Insider: Bike Tubes QA

Workers in a bike tubes factory in Taiwan going through the daily process of inflating the tubes they just manufactured to ensure high quality. For these men and women, this level of QA is their full time gig.

Here’s a tidbit of information, a ‘random fact’ if you will: Did you know that the bike tube factories scattered around various corners of Asia will run a quality test by inflating each of their tubes for 24hrs before packing to make sure there are no punctures or defects. The inflated tubes are kept in huge cages, then deflated on a deflating machine (what else?) before being packaged into the retail packaging you see when you receive the package of tubes you bought online or in your local bike shop. Literally each tube gets the same treatment. Of course not all factories adhere to such strict QA measures, but it’s something to consider next time you’re browsing!